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Chapter 10: I Am in Favor of Love

Never ask for sympathy. Ask for understanding, but never ask for sympathy. Otherwise, sympathy can be such a good pay-off that you would like to remain miserable. Then you have some investment in your misery. If you are no more miserable, people won’t sympathize with you. Have you watched? - nobody sympathizes with a happy man. It is something absolutely absurd. People should sympathize with the happy man, but nobody sympathizes. In fact, people feel antagonistic to a happy man. In fact, to be happy is very dangerous. To be happy, and to express your happiness, you are putting yourself in very great danger - everybody will be your enemy, because everybody will feel, “How come I am unhappy and you have become happy? Impossible! This cannot be allowed. This is too much.”

In a society which is unhappy and consists of miserable people, a happy person is a stranger. That’s why we poisoned Socrates, we killed Jesus, we crucified Mansoor. We have never been at ease with happy people. Somehow, they hurt our egos very much. People crucified Jesus; when he was alive they killed him. He was very young, only thirty-three. He had not yet seen the whole life. He was just beginning his life, just a bud was opening, and people killed him because he was too much to tolerate. So happy? - everybody was hurt. They killed this man. And then they started worshipping him. Just see.now they have been worshipping him for two thousand years, crucified. But with a crucified Jesus you can sympathize; with a happy Jesus you feel antagonistic.

The same is happening here. I am a happy man. If you want me to be worshipped, you will have to manage for a crucifixion. There is no other way. Then people who are against me will become my followers. But first they will have to see me on the cross, not before it. Nobody has ever worshipped a happy man. First, the happy man has to be destroyed. Then, of course, he is manageable. Now you can sympathize with Jesus. Whenever you see him, tears start flowing into your eyes: “Poor man; how much he suffered.” A dancing Christ creates trouble.

In Sweden, a man is trying to make a film on Jesus: Jesus the Man. For ten years he has been trying, but there are a thousand and one barriers: the government won’t allow it: “Jesus the man? - no!” Because saying “Jesus the man” means that this man may have been in love with Mary Magdalene, and this man will bring it out - Jesus loved women. It is natural; nothing is wrong in it. He was a happy man. He sometimes loved wine also. He was a man who could celebrate. Now, Jesus the man is dangerous.

And this man wants to make a film on Jesus the man; not the son of God, but the son of man. This will be troublesome. And if he starts working out a story, he will have to bring in some illegal love affair with Mary, because a virgin woman cannot give birth. Jesus was not the son of Joseph; that much is certain. But he must have been the son of somebody. The government is against it, the church is against it: “You are trying to prove Jesus a bastard! Impossible! The film cannot be allowed.” And Jesus loving the prostitute Mary Magdalene? - and certainly, he loved. He was a happy man. Love simply happens around a happy man. He enjoyed life. It is a God-given blessing; one has to enjoy it. Every religious man is a celebrating soul.

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