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Chapter 4: God Is a Lie

But all religions prescribe fasting as one of the virtues, great virtues. The reason is fasting helps hallucination. It is a scientific fact. If you fast for three weeks continuously and you are alone in a cave in the Himalayas, you will start hallucinating. By the end of the second week you will start talking to yourself. By the end of the third week you will start talking to God - actual dialogue, you will answer from both the sides. You will ask the question and you will answer the question and you will feel that the answer is coming from God. By the end of the fourth week you will be able to see your God, or Jesus Christ or Krishna or Buddha - whosoever you have been believing in. By the fourth week you have lost all grip on intelligence, you have lost all grip about reality. You cannot make any distinction between what is real and what is dream; you have fallen back into a state just like a small child.

The small child cannot make the distinction in the beginning between what is dream and what is real. In the dream he is playing with a toy, and when he wakes up in the morning and the toy has gone, and he starts crying, “Where is my toy?” he cannot make the distinction that the toy was a dream. It will take a little maturity, a little growth of intelligence to make the distinction between the real and the unreal. But just four weeks fasting and you will lose all the discrimination of your intelligence.

Living alone is absolutely necessary for this, because if somebody else is living with you, you will talk to him. That will be a release. But if you are living alone. And every religion prescribes living alone, in monasteries, in your cells or in caves: “Live alone!” Why alone? So that you cannot talk to anybody - then your whole mind is boiling so much to talk that you start talking to yourself.

You have also seen people on the street. You can see their lips are moving, and yet they are alone. They are going fast towards their office or their home and their lips are moving. Sometimes they are making gestures, throwing something away.

What is happening to them? They are going like robots towards their houses because it has become habitual. They don’t need to think about where to move right and where to move left, this will be done by the legs themselves. So they can. I have seen people counting money on their fingers, I have seen people with lips moving.

I have loved a story very much.

A man had become the focus of the whole crowd that was gathered in a waiting room at a railway station junction. The train was late and all were eagerly waiting for the train, but everybody was focused on a person who was resting in a chair. His lips were moving, and once in a while he would start smiling, once in a while he would giggle, once in a while he would throw something away.

Finally they could not resist the temptation: what was going on? So one man asked him, “What is going on? Sometimes you giggle, sometimes you smile. Sometimes you throw something away.”

He said, “Nothing. I am just telling jokes to myself. When I hear a really good joke, I smile. And when a joke is fresh and new, I giggle. And when I see some old joke, I simply throw it away.”

He is telling jokes to himself and all the jokes must be old.

Everybody said, “You are having a great time, while we are unnecessarily worrying about the train that is getting later and later.”

It happens in India.

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