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Chapter 4: Be Assertive!

That’s why Jesus is crucified, Socrates is poisoned, Mansoor is killed, Sarmad is beheaded. But I don’t think that that has destroyed anything. The crucifixion of Jesus has made him one of the most significant expressions of truth on the earth, so much so that now we think of history being divided by his name: before Christ and after Christ, as if history took a new route with that crucifixion. That cross on which Jesus was crucified has divided the whole of history. “Before Christ” - it means man was not yet aware, alert about real religion; “after Christ” - something happened, something so tremendously significant that humanity took a new step, rose higher than ever before. The same has happened with every enlightened person.

Sochange your attitude totally. You are not to be defensive at all. But let me remind you again - because mind moves to polar opposites - I am not telling you to be aggressive, I am not telling you to be violent. I am telling you to be simply in the middle, exactly in the middle, neither defensive nor aggressive but assertive - standing naked in the sun, in the rain, in the wind and telling the world what sannyas is all about.

The second question:

I have just realized that some of my laughter at your jokes comes because of my old-fashioned Christian morality - a “saintly” man would never say ”fuck” or “shit.” Well, so much for saints. I am loving this bursting laughter, so share another joke with me.

That’s the only thing that will be missed if all these churches, moralities, puritanic attitudes disappear from the world - the only thing that will be missed is the jokes, because jokes need a certain background. Without the popes there will be no jokes, because the background is absolutely essential.

In the day you cannot see the stars - they are there. They don’t simply evaporate in the morning; they are not like dewdrops evaporating in the sun. They are far bigger than your sun; suns millions of times bigger are there. Those stars look small because they are so far away; actually our sun is a very mediocre sun, bigger suns are there. They don’t disappear, but in the light you cannot see them - the background disappears. The background is the darkness of the night; against the darkness of the night those stars shine forth.

So that much I also feel, that once all these fools disappear - the popes, the ayatollahs, the imams, the shankaracharyas - and this whole nonsense is no more there, one thing will certainly be missed: jokes will be missed. The best jokes arise around the priests, the rabbis, the popes. You are rightin saying: “I have just realized that some of my laughter at your jokes comes because of my old-fashioned Christian morality.” Not some of it - all of it!

You say: “A saintly man would never say ‘fuck’ or ‘shit.’” That is true, but I am not a saint! I don’t want to be categorized as a saint. I don’t want to stand with those long faces, with those stuffed tomatoes, with all kinds of rubbish. And they have only one idea in their heads: “holier-than-thou.” That’s why they cannot use these words - otherwise these words are there. They cannot use them, but the words are there.

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