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Chapter 2: Nowhere and Everywhere

Secondly, don’t think that if you are out of the body, you are in a “nowhereland.” Never think in negative terms. Existence is a positive reality. Why say “nowhere”? Why not say you are everywhere? And not only say it - feel it also. Just a small change in a word, a small nuance and difference, and you will start enjoying it.

You are everywhere.

One day, you will understand that being nowhere or being everywhere are synonymous. But in the beginning, start with the positive. Ultimately, there is no positive, no negative, only one reality. There is no duality of any kind.

And you are asking, “And if it was not for you, why did I come back then?” It is for me. It is for my work; it is for my love, to spread my message to all the corners of the world, to every heart, the dance and the song which has been destroyed by centuries of exploiters, oppressors, enslavers in beautiful names.

Dhyan Charyo, remember the meaning of your name: it means someone whose life itself is meditation. Your coming back out of the coma certainly has significance. You are reborn, you are fresh and new, and you can understand things which would have been difficult for you in the past because once consciousness leaves the body, the so-called prejudiced mind is destroyed. Then consciousness can come back into the body but the mind remains empty. In the separation it has lost all its prejudices; you are no more Christian, you are no more Hindu, you are no more Buddhist. Again you are a child of this beautiful universe and you can start your life with a new vision, with a new clarity, with a new fragrance.

What has been happening has been beautiful.

You should rejoice it.

Quite often, in your most recent discourses, when you are telling your wildest and dirtiest jokes, I find myself unable to laugh!
I find myself reacting. Some old feminist is freaking out in the back of my mind, seriously noting down the “maleness” and “coarseness” of your jokes.
Am I just a repressed English prude, or are you up to something here? Beloved Master, please explain what is going on.

Premdipa, I have never told a single joke in my whole life. What are you talking about? I am a serious man!

Just look: I am saying I am a serious man and they are laughing! Am I telling a joke? Strange.

But a few things you have pointed out in your absurd question. Absurd, because I don’t tell jokes. Nobody has ever heard.I think everybody here can be a witness. Raise your hands. (Everyone delightedly complies with the request.) Nobody has heard! Still, I will consider your question - against so many witnesses.

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