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Chapter 12: Infinite Depth

I have been talking about synchronicity and it has just happened in my bathroom. I had a weighing-machine, which was as unreliable as any of you. Sometimes it showed one answer, sometimes another - you just stepped on it and again it had changed. I ordered the same kind of machine again to check it.

On the first day they both gave different answers; but in the night, in the darkness of my bathroom, something must have happened. In the morning they started giving the same answers. And now for almost eight days they are giving the same answer, without wavering. Both have agreed together, have fallen in love.

Being silent with a master, neither questioning nor thinking, a synchronicity happens. The same kind of consciousness that the master has starts filtering in you, filling your inner being. Soon there is no disciple and no master, but purely a dance of joy, of deep understanding and bliss.

Seppo did not answer again. He is perfectly right, but still I would have asked him not to stop. One never knows, somebody may come by the way, may fall in love with you, may get the flavor of your being. In this hope all the masters have been speaking - just a hope in the darkness of some guest coming..

Seppo should not have stopped, but now nothing can be done about it. I can only say to you that if you at any moment come to your inner flame, don’t stop like Seppo; share it, unconditionally, even to those who will not understand. Perhaps today they may not understand, tomorrow they will; perhaps not in this life, but in some other life the understanding is going to blossom. Trust existence.

Seppo was at a fault. Just because one single human being has not understood you, it does not mean that you have to stop. It simply means you have to refine your answer. The answer is not just a verbal and intellectual thing, the answer is to go on creating situations in which awakening is possible.

Seppo cannot be forgiven for being silent. He should have continued, whether one understands or not. I have been speaking for thirty-five years continuously, searching for those who will understand. It has been a long search, but I have found you all, and many more around the earth, who have started to understand a little bit.

But just a little bit is more than enough. Just a cup of tea, a little taste and then you can go on your own. You know the way, you have felt it.

Maneesha has asked,

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