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Chapter 26: A Totally New Kind of Man

The students may have felt that I was prepared. In fact, I would like you to go a little further back with me. When I was a student, my professors felt that I was more prepared than them - and I was. But I was not prepared. They had stopped thirty years before, when they left the university and became professors, and I had read everything that had happened in those thirty years. They were thirty years behind me. I was expelled from many colleges for the simple reason that many of the professors could not stand me. Understanding is out of the question; they could not even stand me.

Finally I was admitted to a college with the condition that I would never attend a class. But I asked the principal, “How am I going to enter into the examination? The class is no problem, that is great freedom, good, but how am I going to enter the examination?”

The principle said, “That is my problem. I will give you enough attendance to enter the examination. But it is a promise between you and me that you will not come into the college at all.”

And for two years, I never entered that college. And I got into the examination, and I got the gold medal, I topped the whole university. The principal was amazed, he said, “This is simply miraculous.”

I said, “It is nothing. I have never read your textbooks, I have never listened to your lecturers, but I have such a love for reading everything, and to go to the very depths, to the very roots of everything.”

In my reading, there was no purpose, just joy. I relished it. For nine years I was a lecturer in the university after that. That too was a great joy. I relished it. But the students were in trouble, the university was in trouble, because I would teach Aristotle and I would also say that he is absolutely wrong. So first I would finish the course, and then I would destroy the whole thing that I had been teaching them. And they were in great confusion, “Then what is right?”

I said, “Now it is up to you. It is up to your intelligence to find out. I have presented Aristotle with absolute sincerity, but I cannot say that he is right. So I have to criticize him with the same sincerity. Now both sides are presented to you; you can choose, or you can remain confused.”

I was reported to the vice-chancellor many times, and I told the vice-chancellor, “Any day you want. I am always carrying a resignation. But I will work only the way I want to work, because it is not a serious matter to me. Your service, your university, your textbooks, your examinations, that is nothing to me. To me, teaching is a joy. I am a born teacher.”

You’ve written that you would trick a follower or a student. I think you don’t refer to the sannyasins as followers, although their feet seem to be following you..

That is their problem.

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