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Chapter 2: Innocence: Lost and Found Again

The second question:

While on an educational tour to Mumbai and Pune I brought some of my students to your lecture yesterday. I wanted them to have a taste of the joy and the bliss that I have received from you. Hence I almost forced them to come here by making them wake up early in the morning, take their baths, skip their breakfasts, so that we arrived in time. I was shocked when I heard their reactions after the discourse.
They were very critical of you and of everything they saw and heard here during their short stay, and cursed me for bringing them here. “The government should ban this place,” “this man should be shot,” etcetera. When I asked them what it was that you had said that hurt them, they could not say a word. However, they kept accusing and cursing me, as if I had done something very wrong to them.
These students, including girls, are supposed to be the most cultured, well-behaved and intelligent in the whole of the university, as they are selected for their course of study through a competitive test. They come from well-to-do families, are grown-up young men and women between twenty and twenty-five years old, and are above average in their IQ.
Osho, how long will the new generation keep missing you?
Should those of us who live and work in the outside world not even speak of you to those whom we love and care for? Should we not even try to share this joy and this bliss that we have experienced through you, even with those who are close to us?

Swami Anil Bharti, there are many things to be remembered. The first thing is, never force anybody to come here. Even though you are doing it out of love, forcing anybody to come here will destroy the whole purpose. Nobody likes to be forced. Even if you force people to enter into heaven they will be angry with you, because their freedom is far more valuable to them than anything else - and they are right.

A man may be happy even in hell if he has chosen it on his own; it is a question of freedom. Because you dragged them here - you forced them to wake up early in these cold days and to take a bath and to skip their breakfast - you prepared the whole ground in such a way that they were bound to be angry with me, although they could not say a single word about why they were angry with me. They were really angry with you, Anil Bharti, I was just an excuse.

If you want to share your joy with somebody, first prepare him. He cannot be forced, he can only be seduced, persuaded. Let him become interested, let him force you to bring him here, only then is there a possibility of some communion. Otherwise this happens to many people: they drag their wives or their husbands or their children here.

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