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Chapter 5: Live in Joy

If your energy is stagnant there is no joy. If your energy becomes a flow, a movement, a river, there is great joy - for no other reason, just because you become more fluid, more flowing, more alive. A song is born in your heart, a great ecstasy arises.

It is a surprise when it arises, because you cannot find any cause for it. It is the most mysterious experience in life: something uncaused, something beyond the law of cause and effect. It need not be caused because it is your intrinsic nature, you are born with it. It is something inborn, it is you in your totality, flowing.

Whenever you are flowing, you are flowing towards the ocean. That is the joy: the dance of the river moving towards the ocean to meet the ultimate beloved. When your life is a stagnant pool you are simply dying. You are not moving anywhere - no ocean, no hope. But when you are flowing, the ocean is coming closer every moment, and the closer the river comes, the more dance there is, the more ecstasy there is.

Your consciousness is a river. Buddha has called it a continuum. It is a continuity, an eternal continuity, an eternal flow. Buddha has never thought of you and your being as something static. In his vision, the word being is not right. According to him, being is nothing but becoming. He denies being, he accepts becoming -because being gives you the idea of something static inside you, like a rock. Becoming gives you a totally different idea: like a river, like a lotus opening, like a sunrise. Something is constantly happening. You are not sitting there like a rock, you are growing.

Buddha changes the whole metaphysics: he replaces being by becoming, he replaces things by processes, he replaces nouns with verbs.

Live in joy. Live in your own innermost nature, with absolute acceptance of whosoever you are. Don’t try to manipulate yourself according to others’ ideas. Just be yourself, your authentic nature, and joy is bound to arise; it wells up within you.

When the tree is taken care of, watered, looked after, one day it naturally blooms. When the spring comes there is great flowering. So is it with man. Take care of yourself. Find the right soil for your being, find the right climate, and go deeper and deeper into yourself. Don’t explore the world; explore your nature. Because by exploring the world you may have many possessions, but you will not be a master. But by exploring yourself you may not have many possessions, but you will be a master. It is better to be a master of yourself than to be a master of the whole world.

Live in joy, in love. One who lives in joy naturally lives in love. Love is the fragrance of the flower of joy. Inside there is joy; you cannot contain it. It is so much, it is unbearable. If you try to be miserly about it, you will feel pain. Joy can be so much that if you don’t share it, it can become suffering, it can become pain. Joy has to be shared; by sharing it you are unburdened, by sharing it new sources open up within you, new streams, new springs.

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