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Chapter 1: An Individual Revolution

I want my sannyasins around the world to become examples. And when people see so many people rejoicing, question marks will start arising in them. Perhaps they have accepted a wrong philosophy, and misery is not destined for this earth: “It doesn’t seem so, because on the same earth there are people who are rejoicing, who are immensely happy.” We have to break down their stupid ideology, and the only way is to live differently, not just like them; otherwise, you are supporting them.

The second thing: these people are sad, and these people are miserable because of themselves. They have followed wrong ideas, and they are clinging to those wrong ideas. They don’t understand the relationship between their ideology and their life. They don’t see that their religion, their philosophy, creates the basis of what they are going to be.

Jesus says to people that everybody has to carry his cross on his shoulders. But why does everybody have to carry his cross? Can’t he carry his guitar? Why choose a cross out of so many things in the world? And why carry it? And when you are carrying your cross on your own shoulders, how can you dance? How can you laugh? It will go against the cross, and the weight of the cross will not allow you to rejoice.

Have you seen any picture, any statue, of Jesus smiling? He is burdened with the whole world’s misery. He is doing what you are doing: he is sad because the world is sad. But his sadness has not helped the world. Two thousand years have passed - even his crucifixion has not helped, so how can it be of any help if you carry your cross on your shoulders? Even the crucifixion has failed, so just carrying your cross on your shoulders is sheer nonsense.

But people have accepted these ideas. They have laid their life’s foundations on such idiotic, stupid theories and now they find themselves miserable, sad. They go on sowing the seeds of poison. Who is going to reap the crop? Of course, they will have to reap the crop too.

The only hope possible is from a source of joy, and you can say that you have changed your foundations. Unless you change your foundations, you cannot get rid of your misery.

The misery is not really only materialistic. I have seen the poorest people happy. They don’t have anything, but they have not based their life philosophy on wrong ideas. It is more a question of what kind of spirituality you have accepted. Is it something beyond death? Is your spirituality not of this world but of some other world?

If your spirituality is something that is going to happen only after you are dead, then what are you going to do before your death? Nothing is left except being miserable and waiting for death. And all kinds of suspicions and doubts will arise, because nobody comes back after death to say to you that whatever you believe is true or untrue. So no evidence exists about what is going to happen to you after death.

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