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Chapter 9: Compassion, Never Condemnation

have opened their leaves.

To go on deepening inward,

you will find the immortal element that passes

from body to body, form to form,

but is in itself eternal.



Come back.

Sit down for a few moments,

remembering the experience,

because this experience

has to become an undercurrent

for twenty-four hours - day in, day out.

Then there is no birth and no death;

you have found the traveler,

the eternal pilgrim.

Religion is basically concerned with this;

not with any church,

or temple, or mosque, or synagogue.

It is concerned with your awakening

to your ultimate potential.

It makes you joyful,

compassionate, loving,

relishing your freedom

and never interfering

with anybody else’s freedom.

This will give you your dignity,

and this will also give you

a tremendous feeling of gratitude

toward the whole.

Can we celebrate the meeting of so many buddhas?