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Chapter 6: Born with Joy

We are born with joy. Joy is our very being. It does not need anything to be joyous. One can simply be joyous sitting by oneself. Joy is natural, misery is unnatural. But misery is profitable and joy is purposeless - it will not bring you any profit.

So one has to decide. If you want to be joyous, you have to be a nobody - this is the decision. If you want to be joyous, you will have to be a nobody because you will not get any attention. On the contrary, people will feel jealous, people will be antagonistic to you. People will not like you. People will like you only if you are in misery, then they will sympathize. In sympathy your ego is fulfilled and their ego is fulfilled. Whenever they sympathize with somebody, they are higher and you are lower. They have the upper hand. They are enjoying the trip of sympathy. Sympathy is violent. They are seeing the fact that you are miserable and they are not. They are in a position to sympathize and you are in a position to be sympathized with. Their ego is fulfilled and your ego is fulfilled because “Look,” you say to yourself, “how important you are: everybody is sympathizing with you.” So ego is fulfilled from both sides. It is profitable, nobody is in a loss.

When you are joyous, rejoicing, dancing, singing, just being happy for no reason at all, your ego will disappear because it will not get attention. And others will not feel good because you are not giving them an opportunity to fulfill their egos.

That’s the reason why people were against Jesus and against Buddha, and why they are against me. They would like me also to be an ascetic, they would like me also to be fasting, living under a tree like a beggar, then they would be very happy. They would come in thousands, they would worship me. But if I live in my own way - and my way is the way of the feast, my way is the way of festivity - then they are shocked. They are perfectly happy if somebody leaves the palace and becomes a beggar. They are perfectly happy - they love the man. But if a beggar moves into the palace, they will all be against him. They will not like the idea at all.

Just watch: you also do such things. If a man is lying on a bed of thorns, immediately you prostrate yourself as if he is doing something great, as if he is bringing some bliss to humanity. He is just being a masochist, but you love, you respect him. Your respect seems to be morbid, your respect seems to be ill, sick, and because of your respect he is lying there on the thorns. He wants your attention and this is the most simple way to get your attention and your respect. His ego is fulfilled. He is ready to lie down on those thorns and suffer.

This thing is happening on a smaller scale or a bigger scale everywhere. Beware of it - it is a very ancient trap - and then you can enjoy, then there is nothing else but to enjoy. If you are ready to become a nobody, if you are not in need of others’ attention, there is no problem at all. You can enjoy.in small things you can enjoy. Very small things can give you the greatest joy possible.

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