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Chapter 10: A Single Shout

But it is very easy to move from too much stuffing to fasting because the mind always easily moves from one extreme to another, from one obsession to another. First you go on stuffing your body and hurting it, loading it unnecessarily. Then one day you turn against it, you become the enemy of the body as if it has been the body’s fault. Then you start fasting, and again you start torturing your body. But it is violence.

Violence is so deep in man that you have to watch it continuously, otherwise it will come from some other way.

Morarji Desai goes to other countries.. He is against inoculation, any kind of inoculation. Now this is violent. He can carry diseases from this country to another country and he can bring diseases from another country to this country. But he insists. And he is a non-violent man, a great follower of Mahatma Gandhi. But this is being very violent, disrespectful to people. Now this single man can create problems for a whole country. In fact he should not be welcome in any country of the world.

One can be violent in a very subtle way. Watch it.

If you don’t like onions it is perfectly good, don’t eat them. But you need not condemn them. And if others like them, you need not think they are unspiritual or something. Don’t become spiritual so easily, don’t depend on such bogus things. Spirituality has only one taste and that is of awareness. Onion or no onion, chilies or no chilies, salt or no salt, spirituality has only one taste, the taste of awareness. Stick to it. And don’t get distracted by small things.

The third question:

I feel very joyous after your morning talk and Sufi dancing but I cannot reconcile it with the misery of the people I see when I step out of this place. What to do?

It is there, the misery is there. But there is no need to reconcile. My whole teaching is to be total wherever you are. Listening to me if you are feeling joyous feel totally joyous. Dancing here, participating in Sufi dance or meditating, if you are ecstatic be totally ecstatic. When you go outside and the misery is there and ugliness is there and beggars are there and poverty is there and illness is there, be totally miserable there.

The only thing to be remembered is totality. Seeing a beggar, cry. If you can do something, do. If you cannot do anything you can hold his hand, you can sit by his side. You can feel, you can watch. And you can keep remembering that you should not do anything to make people poor.

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