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Chapter 6: The Meaning of Responsibility

Your complaint has been that your letters were not reaching to me - that’s true - that you were not certain whether my answers were my answers or Sheela’s own inventions. That is also true.

She has done every criminal act. You will be surprised: even in my videotapes - in the originals she has changed everything that will go against her. There was no way for me to know what they were doing. The editors would get the edited version of my lecture. The videotapes around the world were reaching, not as I had delivered them; they have taken out sentences, passages. And you were perfectly happy with Sheela.

Now I have made an arrangement that all the heads of the corporations, whenever they want, can come to me when Hasya comes to see me. So it is not only Hasya who listens to what I say, other people will also be present there. They will be witnesses to whether Hasya has brought all your letters or not.

But remember, your letters are ninety-nine percent bullshit, and I don’t want to be drowned in bullshit. So write only that which you feel is absolutely meaningful, essential, and write it in as small a way as possible, because I don’t want to hear your opinions for five hours a day, every day. I am already crazy; what do you want? So you have to be careful. Your letters will reach, your response will be given to you; but you also have to learn something.

I receive files of letters which are not possible for me to go through. Don’t make it impossible. Then naturally I have to leave it to Hasya to look through those letters, and mark only the important passages, and bring only the important letters.

So just your writing is not enough that it should reach to me. You have to make it significant enough, carrying some meaning, for it to reach to me.

But everything will reach, so you need not be afraid and worried. And whatever people are now in place of the old fascist regime, they have been chosen by different councils on my advice. They will take care that no democratic value is destroyed. Finally they are just servants of the commune.

And you have to learn to behave in a democratic way too. Democracy cannot exist only because a few people are in power who are democratic. If you are accustomed to being dictated to, ordered, then the whole commune will fall apart.

You have to learn that if they advise you to do something, do it. Do it to your best. And now I am available, and I am going to speak to my very last breath. But don’t become a burden. You have to make the people who are managing unburdened, light, joyous, so they can feel happy with you. Don’t torture them.

There have been sannyasins at my house, and they were forcing their way against the guards. Now, if five thousand people come to see me every day, I will have to escape from this place. I am accustomed to living in isolation and silence. I don’t want you to disturb me. Everything that is a problem to you should come through the proper people. I don’t hold any post. I cannot do anything right away, immediately. I have no power.

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