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Chapter 19: I Am a Very Practical Man

And the problem was that none of the group was a pilot, so they had to use somebody outside the group. And the pilot even could not believe that this kind of thing should be expected of him.

So as he heard that Sheela and her group has left he phoned that “I am coming and I have a story to tell to the police.” And whatever he has told, we have found all the literature - that how to make bombs and what chemicals have to be used for explosives. And this man is a very simple and uncomplicated man, and the best pilot.

They burned the planning office of the Wasco county, for the simple reason that they had some papers there that Sheela did not want them to have; she wanted to destroy all those papers.

The twenty people who had left from here, one of them returned from Seattle back - just a woman of some conscience. She said that “We have done wrong and now this will be doing even more. I don’t want to remain my whole life hiding here and there like a criminal. I had not come here to Osho to become a criminal; I had to come to live a simple, silent, meditative life, and you all turned me into a criminal. I am going back. I will confess everything.” And she was one of the most important persons in the group, so she knows everything that the group has done, had planned to do. Her coming has been of immense help. Her testimony is going on continuously for three days and it may take two, three days more.

It seems they were continuously planning to do some crime, to kill somebody. She was the woman to take two sannyasins to the planning office. They burned the office and she was the sannyasin who drove them back. So nobody can be a better eyewitness than her. And she was present in all these meetings in which Shanti Bhadra was told to inject my physician in the meeting, and she was the one, when Shanti Bhadra did it - she was with Sheela in her room - and Shanti Bhadra came running, greatly joyous and saying “I did it, I did it!”

She could not understand what she has done. Only later on she could find that the plan that was arranged last night, to inject Devaraj, Shanti Bhadra has fulfilled it.

Now there are other, two more people, who had not gone with the group but who had been intimately connected with the group. They had not gone because they were working in Australia in one of the communes and they had no knowledge what was happening here. So while Sheela left from here, they came from Australia here, without knowing that Sheela has left.

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