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Chapter 33: The Natural Man Needs No Morality

You both are understanding people and you both love me, and you both can see things without screens on your eyes, clearly. Love each other totally, and occasionally allow each other freedom. But it has to be on both sides. And it is not going to destroy your love; it is going to make it richer, deeper, more fulfilling, more orgasmic. And those few occasions when you are on holiday from each other will not take you away from each other; they will go on bringing you closer to each other. Don’t have any secret - be absolutely open, and allow the other person also to be absolutely open, and respect openness. Never, even by your gestures, make the other person feel guilty. That is the greatest crime humanity has been committing: making people guilty. If the other feels guilty because of very deep rooted conceptions, help her to be free of the guilt.

Love lived in an atmosphere of freedom will transcend you from sex naturally, easily, effortlessly. Love will remain, sex will be gone and then love has a purity and a beauty and a sacredness of its own.

Sitting on a bus in New York, a prim old lady was shocked to overhear an Italian say to another, “Emma come-a first. I come-a next. Two ass-a come-a together. I come-a again. Two ass-a come-a together again. I come-a once more. Peepee twice. Then I come-a for the last time.”

When the Italian was finished, the red faced old maid turned to a policeman sitting nearby, and said, “Are you not going to arrest that terrible old man?”

“What for?” asked the policeman. “For spelling Mississippi?”

Take life more joyously and more jokingly. Let your whole life become a beautiful joke. There is nothing wrong in nature, and to be natural is to be religious.

But there are disparities between man and woman; neither biologists, nor psychologists have been able to figure out why these disparities exist. The woman is far stronger as far as orgasmic experience is concerned. She needs to have more lovers than man, and man must have become aware of the fact in the very beginning of life. To prevent her, he has completely closed even the possibility of having one orgasm. That’s why all women hate sex. I was puzzled - why do women hate sex? All the women go to celibate monks and worship them; as far as their own husband is concerned, they know he is a dirty old man. The reason is, to them sex is an experience - just dirtiness. The man is throwing his dirt onto the woman. The woman feels used, and nobody likes being used.

The new man will make love not a one way affair, from man to woman; it will be a two-way affair. Both will be enjoying it. And science has to find some way either to make man capable of having multiple orgasms so he can go a long, long time with the woman, giving her as many orgasms as she requires, and make the whole journey beautiful; or science has to cut woman’s multiple orgasmic capacity to a single orgasm. Something has to be done, and it is one of the most important things because it creates problems in everybody’s life.

You both are intelligent, and I hope that you will prove my hypothesis that you can love each other, and yet once in a while have different affairs - joyously, not reluctantly. Not because I am saying it, but out of your own understanding.

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