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Chapter 10: Neither This nor That

A very famous German thinker, Count Keyserling, came to India. He wrote a diary while he was traveling in India. In his diary he noted many significant things. One thing he wrote was, “I became aware, visiting India, about two things. One: that to be poor is to be spiritual; and the other: that to be ill, starved, ugly, is to be holy.”

I am not teaching these things. I would like my whole commune to live in as much comfort as possible. The commune has to become a model - a model for the whole world. My sannyasins are to live in every possible joy: physical, psychological, spiritual. The joys of the body and the joys of the mind and the joys of the spirit have all to be lived in such a harmony that the fourth man is born out of that harmony.

That’s why I say be scientific, be aesthetic, and be religious. Out of these three dimensions, out of the meeting of these three rivers, the fourth will be created. And the fourth is my way.

Any kind of unnatural approach towards life creates complexities, creates pathologies. It does not make people sane; it drives them insane.

Patient in psychiatrist’s office: “Doctor, you have got to help me. I keep dreaming about food, continually dreaming about food.”

Doctor: “Don’t you ever dream about girls?”

Patient: “Yes, but I keep pouring ketchup over them.”

Now, if you make somebody feel guilty about his food - that’s what so-called religious people are doing - then he will start dreaming about food. And to eat is healthy, nourishing, good; to dream about it is ugly and pathological. Dreaming about food simply says that you are somehow depriving your body of what it needs.

Who dreams about food? - only a person who represses his desire for food. You can try it: fast for one day and then see what happens. The whole day you will think about food; from everywhere the mind will come again and again to the idea of food. And in the night you are bound to dream about food.

Repress sex and you will dream about sex. Repress anything and you start becoming pathological. A really healthy man has no dreams - he has nothing to dream about. He lives each moment totally; he never represses anything. Hence his unconscious remains utterly empty and clean. Repress, and your unconscious becomes cluttered with unnecessary furniture. And in dreams you are bound to face your unconscious. You have to face it; in deep sleep you have to pass through it. It creates a turmoil your whole life.

I am life-affirmative. I am in tremendous love with life, and that’s my teaching. The so-called godmen are all against life; they are creating a pathological humanity.

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