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Chapter 10: Session 10

Ninth. I have always loved the books of P.D.Ouspensky, though I have never loved the man himself. He looked like a schoolmaster, not like a master, and can you love a schoolmaster? I tried while I was in school and failed; in college, and failed; in university, and failed. I could not do it, and I don’t think anybody can love a schoolmaster - particularly if the schoolmaster is a woman; then it is impossible! There are a few fools who even marry women who are schoolmasters! They must be suffering from the disease called by the psychologists “masochism”; they must be searching for someone to torture them.

I don’t like Ouspensky. He was exactly the schoolmaster, even when he was lecturing on the teachings of Gurdjieff. He would stand before a blackboard with a chalk in his hand, with a table and chair in front, exactly like a schoolteacher, with specs and all, nothing was missing. And the way he taught! - I can see why so few people ever became attracted to him, although he was bringing a golden message.

Secondly, I hate him because he was a Judas. I cannot love anybody who betrays. To betray is to commit suicide, spiritual suicide. Even Judas had to commit suicide just within twenty-four hours of Jesus being crucified. Ouspensky is not my love affair, but what can I do? - he was a capable writer, talented, a genius. This book I am going to mention was a posthumous publication. He never wanted it to be published during his lifetime. Maybe he was afraid. Maybe he thought it may not prove up to his expectations.

It is a small book, and its name is The Future Psychology of Man. He wrote in his will that the book should only be published when he was no more. I don’t like the man, but I must say, in spite of myself, that in this book he almost predicted me and my sannyasins. He predicted the future psychology, and that is what I am doing here - the future man, the New Man. This small book must become a necessary study for all sannyasins.

Tenth.am I still right?

“Yes, Osho.”


The book I am going to talk about is a Sufi one, The Book of Bahauddin. The original Sufi mystic, Bahauddin created the tradition of Sufism. In his small book everything is contained. It is like a seed. Love, meditation, life, death.he has not left anything out whatsoever. Meditate over it.

Enough for today.