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Chapter 5: Sit in the Center of the Circle

Once, Nansen told two of his disciples that he was going to take them with him to visit the National Teacher. But before they started out on their journey, nansen drew a circle on the road and said, “As soon as you give a right answer, we will be on our way.”
At that, one of the disciples sat down inside the circle and the other bowed like a woman. Nansen said, “Judging from this response, it will not be necessary to go.”

On another occasion, Nansen was washing his clothes when a monk came across him. Seeing him involved in such an activity, the monk exclaimed, “Master, you still are not free from ‘this’?”
Nansen, lifting up the wet clothes, commented, “What can you do about ‘this’?”

Maneesha, before I discuss your sutras I have to inaugurate Avirbhava’s new arrivals for the museum of gods. This museum will show to the world how man has been insane. He has worshipped the animals and killed human beings. It is so idiotic that future generations will simply laugh. They could not possibly understand.

In Australia the white man killed almost all the natives of Australia. They used to call it hunting; just as you go hunting animals, they used to go hunting men. And by the evening they would ask each other how many they had killed. And they never thought for a moment that what they were doing was absolutely insane.

They have done the same with animals. They have worshipped animals on one hand and they have killed and destroyed many species. There have been thousands of species of animals; many have not left even a trace behind. Man has hunted them, killed them. This world used to be more alive, more colorful. It has become almost dead by our own hands; our hands are full of blood.

Just twenty years ago there were only four white lions left in the world. In a small town, Rewa, in India, where Narendra was a professor - because Narendra was a professor there, he invited me to speak - there used to be thousands of white, pure white, lions; their majesty was tremendous. Only four were left, and now I hear two of them have died. The other two may die any day. Because the remaining two are both males, there is no possibility of any children. Slowly slowly, many species have simply disappeared.

The lion used to be the national animal in India, but we have killed so many that they are almost finished. The Indian parliament had to change it; now the tiger is the national animal. The tiger cannot be compared to the lion. There has never been any animal comparable to the lion, its majesty, its power, its strength. But we have killed them. They were not doing any harm to us. They were living in the mountains, in the forest.

Avirbhava has brought a tiger and a lion. I will give you a little note about each.

The Tiger.

In Hanoi the tiger is worshipped as a god. In Sumatra the tiger is represented as the abode of the souls of the dead.

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