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Chapter 4: God Is a Lie

No, not at all, existence is a totally different concept. It is not your fiction; it is there. When you were not here, it was there. When you will not be here, it will be here. We come and go; we are just waves in this vast ocean of existence. We come and go, existence remains. And to find that which remains is the ultimate truth. You don’t have to worship nature, you don’t have to pray to nature. Those things are only associated with the fiction of God. Existence is non-judgmental. I want to emphasize this fact as categorically as possible.

God is judgmental. The Christian God has exactly declared that there will be a Judgment Day when he will choose those who are on his side, followers of Jesus Christ, his son. And those who are not on his side are against him. They will be thrown into hellfire for eternity. It is because of God that all kinds of moralities arise: this is good, that is bad. What is the criterion? The scriptures. And the scriptures were written by primitive, uneducated people. They don’t belong to our century.

Existence does not write any scriptures and does not give any commandments. Existence does not tell you what to do and what not to do. Existence is absolutely non-judgmental. It is as compassionate to the sinner as to the saint; it makes no difference, because in the eyes of existence everything that is natural is beautiful. Religions only call those who go against nature “saints” - and nature simply feels sad for them. Existence simply feels that they are going astray, and by being astray they will suffer.

It is not that existence is giving them suffering and hell, punishment and reward, no. Existence is simply there. If you are in tune with it you will be immensely rewarded. Nobody is rewarding you, just the very tuning with existence is such a peace, such a joy, such a benediction, you are already rewarded. There is no reward beyond this, and those who are not in tune with nature and existence are already punished.

You can see your saints: they can’t smile, they can’t laugh, they can’t enjoy anything. They are the ugliest human beings who have fallen from humanity into some kind of darkness that knows no end. They are self-torturers, masochists, and they are already suffering. Their suffering is not caused by anybody else, it is caused by themselves.

This is the criterion for me: if you are suffering, that means you are not in tune with nature. If you are miserable, that means you are not in tune with nature. So the moment you feel you are miserable, suffering, in agony, immediately try to make the distance smaller. Come closer to existence and suddenly there will be light and there will be joy and there will be song and there will be celebration.

To be in tune with existence is its own reward; not to be in tune is its own punishment. So my approach is very clear and clean. If you make God, then he is bound to judge you, and his judgment is going to be out of date; he will always be lagging behind human consciousness. And if you follow those scriptures which are creations of the priest, not of God.

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