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Chapter 2: Judge Ye Not

Goal-oriented people are mediocre - all your achievers are mediocre. What can you achieve? Can you achieve the supreme? If you can achieve the supreme, just by your achievement it will not be supreme. If you could achieve it, how can it be supreme? Can you reach to the goal - you? Then the goal will be less than you. No, the goal cannot be reached. In fact there is no goal, and it is good that there is no goal. That’s why life is deathless, because every goal will be a death. Then you are no longer needed.

A man who judges too much is stopping his growth from everywhere. And once judgments settle inside, you become incapable of seeing the new. The judgment won’t allow it because the judgment will be disturbed by the new. Then you will live with closed eyes. You are not blind, nobody is blind, but everybody behaves like a blind man - has to: judgments are there. If you open your eyes the fear is that you may have to see something, something may be encountered, and you may have to change the judgment. And judgment is so cozy - you have settled in a house and forgotten the road, and the journey and the effort and the continuous movement and the danger and the hazards. You have forgotten the adventure. You have closed yourself in a small house, cozy, comfortable. Now you are afraid to look out of the window; you keep it shut. Now you are afraid to open the door. Who knows, some strange fact may enter from there and disturb all your comfort and all your coziness and your security.

That’s why you behave like a blind man. You are not blind - you are cunning. Through your cunningness you have become blind. And the mind immediately makes judgments - that is how to avoid the journey; it is an escape. People come to me, many sorts of people, but they can be divided basically into two types: those who are ready to open their eyes, and those who are not ready to open their eyes. For one who is ready to open his eyes.much is possible for him. For one who is not ready to open his eyes, nothing is possible. He is already in the grave, he is no longer alive. He does not allow new winds to pass through his being, he does not allow new flowers to open into his being; he does not allow anything unknown. He is afraid, he moves on a settled path, and he moves in a circle, because nothing is more settled than a circle. He comes upon the same things again and again and again. He lives like a gramophone record: again and again and again the same. And then you say that you are bored! Nobody else is responsible. A bored person is a person who has remained with closed eyes. Boredom is a part of it. A man who lives with open eyes is never bored.

Life is so enchanting, life is so magical, life is such a miracle. Every moment millions of miracles are happening all around you - but you live with closed eyes, with your judgments. You pass a flower, and if somebody says, “Beautiful!” you look, but you don’t look. You say, “Yes, a roseflower, very beautiful,” but you are repeating something from the past - a gramophone record. You have said this same thing many times, too many times. To each flower you have said that. It has become a rubbish statement with no significance; you simply utter it because silence will be awkward. Somebody says, “Beautiful flower,” and if you remain silent it may be awkward, embarrassing, so you utter something: “Yes, the flower is beautiful,” but you neither see the flower nor the beauty. It is a cliché. And then you say you are bored?

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