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Chapter 3: Your Urge Must Become Urgent

People think of strength only in the muscular way, but there are other ways to think of strength. Women have more resistance to disease; they don’t get sick so soon. And on average sixteen boys will pop off by the time they are fourteen. By fourteen there is an equal number of girls and boys. Obviously then it is convenient to create the idea of monogamy; otherwise there will be very much inconvenience. One man one woman: this becomes what is right, but it is simply a convenience.

To give you a contrast: in Mohammed’s time, particularly in Saudi Arabia, the people were barbarous, continuously fighting and killing. Caravans loaded with goods from one country to another were looted and men were killed. In Saudi Arabia at that time, there was no other way to survive; killing was the profession. So more men than women were killed because men were doing the killing and fighting. The proportion between man and woman became so different, that there were four women to one man. That created very much restlessness, so Mohammed in the Koran had to make it a moral concept to marry at least four women. He himself married nine women; of course, he is the leader, and he is propounding the moral concept, he has to follow it to the very end.

Today it has become foolish, because these judgments are dependent on causes and time. Now the situation is not the same. But Mohammedans insist.even in this country they forced the Indian government to have in the constitution that Mohammedans are allowed to have four women.

Now the whole thing is stupid! The number of women and men among Mohammedans is equal; from where can men get four women? This now gives them an opportunity to steal women from other people. Hindus and Jainas are very puritan: if a woman has been in a Mohammedan’s house for one night, forcibly, nobody is going to accept her back, neither the husband, nor her children, nor her parents. The whole society rejects her; she is no more part of them. She has to go back and beg the Mohammedan to keep her.

Now a judgment based on convenience has become a crime. And it has given birth to many crimes. All moral judgments are somehow based on the convenience of the society; they have no fundamental value. If man’s nature is looked at, neither is man monogamous, nor woman; both are polygamous and it is absolutely natural.

If we look at nature, then we must create a more flexible society where people can at least exchange their wives or husbands with their friends once in a while, for the weekend. That will create a happier, satisfied, contented society.

But that goes against all the moral concepts that the past has given to us. It is absolutely simple to understand that everybody gets fed-up with one thing continuously. It is not unnatural; it says nothing about the person. However beautiful and good your wife is.she may look beautiful to the whole world and good to everybody, but think of the poor husband! How long can he go on thinking her beautiful? Perhaps by the time the honeymoon ends, she has become obvious, taken for granted. And to go on loving with the same intensity becomes every day more and more difficult.

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