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Chapter 2: Nobody Is at Home

Rather than listening to your girlfriend who was saying sincerely that you are boring, just a little, you should have asked her, “In what way can I become a little more interesting? Do you have any suggestions? If I am not juicy then tell me how I can become juicy.” That would have been an intelligent step. But instead of asking the girl you started having “a big No: towards existence, life, love, you.” Sometimes I think that.. I don’t even know you personally, nor your girlfriend. In what way am I involved in it?

But I can understand the reason. Perhaps you may not be able to explain it, but I can see the underlying reason for your big No. You believe in your girlfriend too much - naturally you could not ask her. That shows your dependence. You must be afraid to make much fuss about these things with the girl, because girlfriends are not your permanent wives, no law prevents them from moving with someone who is more juicy. And everybody in the beginning is juicy, but just a few days together and the whole juice dries out. You start looking around for some other girl, for some other man, because they are all looking juicy.

You will repeat the same thing life after life; you have done it already, without understanding the foundation. Living with one man more than a week the problem arises of how to get rid of him. He is also thinking about how to get rid of you. But it does not look right to either of you, so you start creating trouble so that somehow some other idiot may become interested in your girlfriend, because you both go on seeing that other girls are more juicy, other men are more juicy.

It is an old story that the green grass on the other side of the fence of your bungalow looks greener than your own grass. Distance creates that phenomenon.

Any woman may look to you juicier than your wife - she is just a pain in the neck. But what you don’t know is that all these women are following the same philosophy. For one or two days they are so groovy, and once they have caught hold of you the real story starts - they start becoming a pain in the neck. And the same is true about men. Meeting a girl on the sea beach, in the garden, by the side of a river, he pretends to be Alexander the Great, walks like a lion, and within two days the same fellow is reduced to a rat.

Nobody talks about the reality of why this is happening, why so many people are unnecessarily made miserable. This society will never be happy if we don’t allow people to move and not get stuck in marriages, not get stuck in their own promises. Out of freedom meet with each other, and the moment you feel that you have explored the whole topography of the woman and the woman knows that she has experienced whatever is possible to experience in the man, then it is time to say good-bye to each other in deep friendliness. There is no need to hang around each other’s neck.

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