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Chapter 1: I Am Not a Man Who Plans

I said, “I will never be in difficulty. Nowhere will I be in difficulty, for the simple reason that I know how to love, and that’s enough. I can take any risk, I can jump into any challenge, because I know how to love. I know how to trust.”

And it is such a tremendous joy to discover every day that you are still here, with not a single cent. I must be the poorest man in the whole world.

You don’t look like!

I live like an emperor, because what can a poor man lose? I live like an emperor. Even an emperor is worried about losing land, money, this and that. I don’t have anything, so I can live as no emperor has ever lived, without any anxiety. But the fact is that I am the poorest man in the world. Even beggars have their accounts.

So don’t be worried, just take a jump. And next time you come here, bring your loving wife.