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Chapter 9: No-Mind Is the Door

The journey is unknown, the journey is so unknown that you cannot even plan it. You have to take a jump into it. Blindfolded, you have to take a jump into it, in the dark night, with no map, without knowing where you are going, without knowing what you are going for. Only a few daredevils enter into this existential quest. So Tantra has only appealed to a very few people, but those were the salt of the earth. Saraha is one of them.

Now the sutras. These are the last four sutras of Saraha’s Royal Song.

Once in the realm that’s full of joy
the seeing mind becomes enriched
and thereby for this and that most useful;
even when it runs after objects it is not alienated from itself.

The king must have told Saraha what people were saying about him. They were saying about him that he was indulging in the senses, he was indulging in pleasures. He was no longer a sannyasin; his renunciation was false, he had fallen.

He had asked permission of the king to become a Buddhist monk, and he had become a Buddhist monk. He had lived the controlled and disciplined life of a Buddhist monk. And then came this revolutionary woman, this arrowsmith woman, and she transformed his whole being, his whole life and his whole style. She destroyed his character. She allowed him freedom - freedom to be, freedom to be from moment to moment, with no past, with no future.

Naturally the ordinary, common people started thinking that he had fallen from grace, he had betrayed. And he had been a great brahmin and was a great scholar; they had hoped for much from him, that he would bring some knowledge to the country, and now he had become like a mad dog. A thousand and one stories must have been spread around the country about him, and the king must have told him what people thought about Saraha. The king was hurt; he had loved the man, he had respected the man - but the king was also of the same world, his ways of thinking were similar to those of the people. He had no insight into reality or into himself.

Saraha says to the king: Once, even once, if you know what joy is, you will forget all these stories. Once, even once, if you have any taste of what life is, you will forget all this nonsense of character, virtue, respectability.

You can continue to live a respectable life only if you are dead, you can live in a respectable way if you have not yet contacted life. Life is a radical phenomenon. It is a chaos - a very creative chaos, but it is a chaos all the same.

Saraha says:

Once in the realm that’s full of joy
the seeing mind becomes enriched.

But the question is of experiencing it.

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