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Chapter 6: The Three Psychologies

Freud stumbled upon psychoanalysis, and I say “stumbled” because it was accidental. It was just groping in the dark. He was working on patients - he was a doctor, trying to help. By and by he became aware that there are many illnesses which are not physical, so you go on treating them physically and nothing happens. Then he became interested in hypnosis because something could be done through hypnosis. Through hypnosis he started working. For many years he was a hypnotist working with his teacher and helping people. Then, by and by, he became aware that in fact hypnosis was not helping. There was no need to hypnotize a person and make him unconscious. Even if a person, fully conscious, started relating whatsoever came to his mind, whatsoever floated from the unconscious to the conscious mind, if he went on saying it, that would give a release. He started trying that. That’s how psychoanalysis was born: free association of thoughts. He had never tried anything on himself. He remained the same man, he attained to no maturity.

The same has happened with others, and with Janov also. He had been working with patients and he stumbled upon the fact that if a patient can live backwards to the very trauma of birth, when the child is born and he screams for the first time - that is the primal scream - if a person can go backwards to the very point when he comes out of the womb and takes his first breath, then many things are simply resolved, many problems disappear. Just by living them again, they disappear. He has not tried it on himself. He is not a healed person.

Freud was very ambitious. He thought himself to be a prophet inaugurating a great world movement. And he was jealous, as political leaders are always jealous, conspiratorial, spying on his own disciples and associates, continuously afraid that somebody was going to destroy his movement, take possession of the movement, become the leader; always afraid.

And it was the same with Jung. If you look into Jung’s eyes.. Get a picture of Jung, it is worth studying. Hidden behind his glasses are very cunning eyes; the very face is egoistic. Janov is very ambitious and his new books show his ambition clearly. He has stumbled accidentally upon a small method which is not a system, just a fragment, but now he thinks he has discovered the whole truth. Now he thinks this Primal Therapy is all that is needed, that this will lead everyone to the ultimate nirvana. This is foolish. This is ambition.

The second thing to remember about all the Western thinkers who have become influential there is that they have been working with ill people, patients. They have not come across healthy people, so whatsoever their findings, their findings are based on pathology. A healthy person is absolutely different from a pathological person. Freud never came across a healthy man. There is no question of it because the healthy man never goes to the physician or the doctor. Why should he go? Unless you are mentally ill, why should you go to a headshrinker? There is no need. You go only because you are ill, so only ill humanity goes to these people: Freud, Jung, Adler, Janov. On these ill people they base their philosophies.

This is bound to be unbalanced, and not only unbalanced, but also in a certain way very dangerous because these ill specimens of humanity are not the real representatives. They are ill. It is just as if you come to know only blind men because you are a doctor of eyes, so only blind people come to you and then you think about man as blind. Mentally ill people come to you, then you think of man as mentally ill. That is wrong because unless healthy people exist, is illness possible?

All the Western psychologies are based on pathology, and a real psychology is needed that is based on the healthy person. The perfect psychology has to be based on buddha-like people, not just healthy people.