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Chapter 15: Kiss or Kill

This is what Carl Gustav Jung calls synchronicity. The master is not the cause of your enlightenment because the cause cannot be outside. Enlightenment cannot be caused from the outside, otherwise it will be something caused by the outside. If it is caused by the outside, then it can also be taken away from the outside, it can be destroyed by the outside. If the master wants one day to make you unenlightened again he can make you unenlightened! If the cause is in his hands, then the process can be reversed.

But no master can do it. Even if the master wants to do it, it is impossible. It cannot be done because the master is not the cause of your enlightenment. He is only what Jung calls a catalytic agent. Yes, it has happened in his presence, but his presence was only a catalytic agent - not a cause but a synchronicity. You saw the master and something started growing in you, something clicked. But it happened inside you; the outer master was just a mirror. You saw your original face in the mirror. The mirror has not caused the original face; the original face was always there inside you. The mirror has only made you aware of it but without the mirror you may not have become aware for millions of years or millions of lives still.

Hence Manjushree says, “Now I can bow down, I can touch your feet in totality. You may go on saying, ‘Don’t touch my feet, there is no need,’ but as far as I am concerned I am going to touch your feet. I am going to worship you, because in those days my worship was not total. Now the moment has come when I know you are the one I have been seeking and searching for, and through you I have also become the one that I have been trying to become and was not able to become because there was nobody to reflect my original face.”

Right now you cannot recognize in that sense. You will have to become enlightened. To know a Buddha one has to become a buddha, to know a Christ one has to become a christ. Knowing will happen only in the end, but feeling can happen. Feeling is the beginning. Remember, I am not saying knowledge, I am saying knowing. Knowledge is of the mind, feeling is of the heart, knowing is of the being. Feeling is closer to knowing; it is half-way between knowledge and knowing. You drop out of knowledge, you enter into the world of feeling.

This is the beginning of disciplehood. Then one day you drop out of feeling and you enter the world of being - you become enlightened. That is the end of the disciplehood, in a sense, and the beginning of a real disciplehood in another sense. The old disciplehood disappears; now you are no longer dependent. And remember, only the dependent person wants to be independent. One who is independent, why should he hanker to be independent? Only the person who is not free wants to be free. One who is free, why should he want to be free?

I can understand Manjushree’s standpoint, that “There is no need to touch your feet, there is no need to be a disciple..” Buddha is right, and Manjushree is also right - he said, “There is no need to cling, but there is no need either to drop out of this love affair now that it has blossomed, now that I have come to the highest peak. There is no need - because I am free, so there is no need to be free. I know I am freedom, hence all hankering for freedom has disappeared.”