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Chapter 16: Beyond the Sin of Unconsciousness

He came to Sarnath. It was evening time, the sun was setting, and those five ascetics were sitting on a hillock. They saw Buddha coming, so they said, “That fallen Gautam Buddha, that Gautam Siddhartha who has fallen from the path, is coming. We must not pay any respect to him. We should not pay to him even ordinary respect.”

So they closed their eyes. Buddha came nearer and nearer, and those five ascetics began to feel a change - a change of mind. They became uneasy. When Buddha reached just near, suddenly all the five opened their eyes and fell at the feet of Buddha. Buddha said, “But why are you doing this? You decided not to give any respect to me, so why are you doing this?”

They said, “We are not doing it, it is happening. What have you gained? You have become a magnetic force. We are just being pulled. What are you doing to us? Have you hypnotized us?” Buddha said, “No! I have done nothing to you, but something has happened in me. All the energies have fallen to the source, so wherever I move, suddenly a magnetic force is felt.”

That is why those who are against Buddha or Mahavira go on saying for centuries, “That man was not good; he was hypnotizing people.” No one is hypnotizing. You become hypnotized - that is another thing. When your energy falls back to the original source, you become a magnetic center. This technique is to create this magnetic center in you.

The second question:

Yesterday you said that the meditation technique of unwinding the mind is very significant. But in the West hundreds of Freudian and Jungian psychoanalysts and psychiatrists are practicing this technique, but they are not getting very significant results in trying to transform the being. What are the reasons for their being unsuccessful?

There are many things to be noted. One: Western psychology does not yet believe in the being of man, it believes only in the mind. For Western psychology there is nothing beyond the mind yet. If there is nothing beyond the mind, then whatsoever you do is not going to help man really. At the most it can help man to be normal - at the most!

And what is normal? What is normalcy? Just the average. If the average man himself is not normal, then being normal means nothing. It simply means you are adjusted to the crowd. So Western psychology is doing only one thing: whenever someone is maladjusted, Western methods make that man again adjusted to the crowd. The crowd is not questioned at all; whether the crowd itself is okay is not the question.

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