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Chapter 1: Gorakh: The Foundation Stone

Gorakh had a rare individuality, similar to Einstein. Einstein had created such penetrating methods with which to investigate the truth of the universe that no one had been able to do before him. Yes, now they can be developed further, now a finer edge can be put on them, but Einstein did the primary work. Those who now follow will be secondary; now they cannot be first. Einstein blazed the trail. There will be many who will come to improve on it, who will build it up, who will place milestones along it, who will beautify it and make it comfortable. Many people will come, but no one can take Einstein’s place. In the inner world, the same situation exists with Gorakh.

But why have people forgotten about Gorakh? The milestones are remembered, but the trailblazers are forgotten. Those who decorated the path are remembered, but the one who blazed the trail is forgotten. This happens because those who come later have the leisure to dress it up, whereas the one who comes first is unpolished, unfinished. Gorakh is like a diamond straight from the mine. If Gorakh and Kabir were sitting together you would be impressed by Kabir and not by Gorakh, because Gorakh is the freshly mined diamond, whereas the jewelers have worked hard for a Kabir to emerge; much polishing and refinement has happened.

Do you know that when the Kohinoor diamond was first discovered the man who found it did not know it was a Kohinoor? He gave it to his children to play with thinking it was a pretty, colored stone. He was a poor man, and he had found the Kohinoor in the waters of a small river flowing through his fields. It remained in his house for months. The children played with it, they threw it from one corner to another, it was left in the courtyard.. You would not have been able to recognize the Kohinoor, as its original weight was three times as much as it is today. The edges were set, it was cut and polished, its facets were brought out - today only one-third of its original weight remains, but its value has become millions of times greater. The weight became less and the value increased because it continued to be refined, polished, more and more.

If Kabir and Gorakh were sitting together perhaps you would not have even recognized Gorakh, because Gorakh is a diamond just removed from the Golconda mines. Kabir has received a lot of cutting, the jewelers have worked hard, so you will be able to recognize Kabir. Hence, Gorakh has been forgotten. The foundation stones are forgotten.

You will be astonished when you hear Gorakh’s words. A little finishing is needed; they are uncut. This sharpening of the edges is what I am doing here. You will be amazed as you come to know him a little. Gorakh has said the most essential. He has said the most valuable.

So I told Sumitranandan Pant, “I cannot drop Gorakh, so therefore the number cannot go below four.”

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