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Chapter 8: I Treat Jesus as a Poet

I treat Jesus as a poet. And he is. Van Gogh has said about him that he is the greatest artist that has ever been on this earth. He is. He talks in parables and poetry, and he means many more things than his words can convey. Allow me to give you the feeling of that infinity of meanings.

Poetry is not so clear - cannot be, it is a mystery. It is just early in the morning.all over you see a mist.fresh, just born.but clouds.. You cannot see far away, but there is no need: poetry is not for the far away. It gives you an insight in looking to the near and the close and the intimate.

Science goes on searching for the far away; poetry goes on revealing to you in a new way the intimate, the close, that which you had always known, that which is familiar. Poetry reveals the same path that you have been treading all your life, but with a new hue, a new color, a new light. Suddenly you are transported to a new plane.

I treat Jesus as a poet. He is a poet. And this has been very much misunderstood. People go on treating him as a scientist. You are fools if you treat him as a scientist. Then he will look absurd, then the whole thing will look miraculous. Then if you want to believe in him, you have to be very superstitious. Or you have to throw him completely - the baby with the bath water. Because either he’s so absurd.you can believe, but then you have to believe very blindly and that belief cannot be natural, spontaneous; you have to force it, you have to believe for the sake of belief and you have to force it on yourself - or you throw him completely. Both are wrong. Jesus should be loved, not believed. There is no need to think of for or against.

Have you ever watched? - you never think for or against Shakespeare. Why? You never think for or against Kalidas. Why? You never think for and against Rabindranath. Why? Because you know they are poets. You enjoy them, you don’t think for and against.

But with Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, you think for and against because you think they are arguing. Let me tell you: they are not arguing. They have no thesis to prove, they have no dogma. They are great poets - greater than Rabindranath, greater than Shakespeare, greater than Kalidas, because what has happened to Rabindranath, Kalidas and Shakespeare is just a glimpse. What has happened to Jesus, Krishna and Buddha is a realization. The same that is a glimpse to a poet is reality to a mystic. They have seen. Not only seen - they have touched. Not only touched - they have lived. It is a live experience.

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