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Chapter 5: Master of the New Monastery

So all that I can say is be here, Joshu is dead. The man who was talking here yesterday is no more; he is dead. There is no question of consistency or inconsistency. Tomorrow I will not be here, you will not be here; tomorrow is going to be absolutely fresh. And only when these two freshnesses meet there is a spark, and that spark dances, and that dance is always consistent.

A carried past creates problems. The problem is not what I said yesterday or what I am saying today; the problem is that you carry yesterdays and then you miss today. And whatsoever you think you have heard, I have not said. You may have heard it.because through so many yesterdays you will interpret whatever I say. You will think meanings into it which are not there; you may miss things which are there, and it will become something of your own. Then you will create many paradoxes and then the mind is puzzled and confused. Go on dropping.

I am not a philosopher, I am not a systematizer; I am absolutely anarchistic, as anarchistic as life itself. I don’t believe in systems. If you go to a Hegel or a Kant and say that this is contradictory, immediately they will say no; they will immediately show you that it is not contradictory. And if you can prove that it is contradictory they will drop one part of it so that the system becomes consistent.

One gambler was saying to another gambler, “I must tell you about this guy I met yesterday. He is a wonderful man, a great mathematician and economist, and he has discovered a system through which a family can live without money.”

The other gambler became interested, eager to know immediately what the system was. He asked, “Does it work?”

The first friend says, “The system is wonderful, but the only loophole in it is that it doesn’t work. That’s the only loophole; otherwise the system is wonderful.”

All systems are wonderful. Hegel, Kant, Marx.all the systems are wonderful. The only loophole is this, that they are dead.

I have no system. A system can only be dead, it cannot be alive. I am a nonsystematic, anarchistic flow; I am not even a person, just a process. I don’t know what I said to you yesterday, and the person who said it is not here to answer; he is gone. I am here, and I am answerable only for this moment. So don’t wait for tomorrow because I will not be here. And who is going to make consistency, who is going to find a thread that is not contradictory? There is nobody. And I would like you to be the same.

Just this moment exists, absolutely consistent, because there is no comparison. There is no past, no future; only this moment is. How can you compare? If you live in this moment there will come a consistency which is not of a system, which is of life, which is of the energy itself. That will be an inner consistency of your very being, not of the mind.