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Chapter 21: Make It Clear to the World

So if I have to choose between communism and capitalism, I will certainly choose capitalism. Howsoever hypocritical, howsoever politically dishonest a system it is, it still gives loopholes so individuals can assert themselves, so people can show their minds, can connect with other people around the world. And even though the politicians may be corrupted, they can be dragged to the courts, which are quite fair - particularly the Supreme Court, because no politician can do any damage to any judge of the Supreme Court.

The Constitution provides every protection to the Supreme Court. Once a person is made a judge in the Supreme Court, he is made one for his whole life, so you cannot retire him, you cannot demote him, you cannot punish him, you cannot do anything against him. So he has no fear. He need not be unfair. The Supreme Court of America perhaps is the fairest court in the whole world. It can give judgments against the president without any fear.

But this is if I am given the choice only between the two. Otherwise I have my own idea of a different society. I call it meritocracy. It should not be state ownership, communism. It should not be a cunning, criminal, political system behind the masks of democracy.

Otherwise how do you explain that in a democratic country like America, Nixon is possible? And Nixon reminds me of Mao Zedong’s remark. When Nixon resigned, Mao Zedong could not believe it. He said, “This is strange. Every politician is doing the same everywhere. I am doing it here. Why are these people so much against it? And why do the courts and the newspapers have so much power?” But Nixon happened. Perhaps every politician is doing it, Mao is right, but Nixon was caught. Others are not caught.

So I don’t want a system in which it is possible for a person like Nixon to reach to the highest post in the country. I do not want a system like in America where twenty percent of the presidents have been murdered, where Kennedy was murdered, where his brother, who was running for the presidency was murdered, and his other brother - and there are only three brothers - is threatened that if he runs for the presidency, he will be assassinated.

The poor woman, the mother of these three Kennedys, is ninety years old. She has seen the death of two sons-young, immensely intelligent. She knows the third has the capacity to become president, but she has taken a promise from the third: “While I am alive, you should not run, because it will be too much. I have suffered too much: the two deaths of my two sons. You are my last son, I would not like you dead before my eyes. Let me first die, then you are free, you can run for president.”

Now this kind of country, where criminals are ruling and people who can do immense good for the country are prevented. Who is preventing them? Who killed the two Kennedys? Who is threatening the third one? And why are they not killing Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan? Nobody bothers. But it is simple: anybody, any group, any gang, who has killed the Kennedys is somehow connected with Ronald Reagan, with Nixon.

Nixon did everything wrong and he was not shot, and Kennedy was not doing anything wrong. In fact, because he was trying to do something good, he was shot. This is a very corrupted state of affairs.