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Chapter 9: Mind Immaculate in Its Very Being

Søren Kierkegaard has said man is a trembling. Yes, man is a trembling because man is a seed. Friedrich Nietzsche has said man is a bridge. Exactly right! Man is not a place to rest, it is a bridge to pass over. Man is a door to go through, you cannot rest at being man. Man is not a being, man is an arrow on the way.a rope stretched between two eternities. Man is a tension. It is only man who suffers from anxiety, the only animal on the earth who suffers from anxiety. What can be the cause of it?

It is only man who exists as potentiality. A dog is actual; there is nothing else to happen. A buffalo is actual; there is nothing more, it has already happened. Whatsoever could happen has happened. You cannot say to a buffalo, “You are not yet a buffalo” - that will be foolish. But you can say to man, “You are not yet man.” You can say to man, “You are incomplete.” You cannot say to a dog, “You are incomplete.” That will be stupid to say; all dogs are fully complete.

Man has a possibility, a future. Man is an opening. So the constant fear, whether we are going to make it or not, whether we are going to make it this time or not.. How many times have we missed before? Are we going to miss again? That’s why we are not happy. Existence goes on celebrating: there is great singing, there is great joy, there is great rejoicing! The whole existence is always in an orgy, it is a carnival. The whole existence at each moment is in an orgasm! Somehow man has become a stranger.

Man has forgotten the language of innocence. Man has forgotten how to relate with existence. Man has forgotten how to relate with himself. To relate with oneself means meditation; to relate with existence means prayer. Man has forgotten the very language. That’s why we appear like strangers, strangers in our own home, strangers to ourselves. We don’t know who we are, and we don’t know why we are, and we don’t know for what we go on existing. It seems to be an endless waiting.waiting for Godot.

Nobody knows whether Godot is ever to come or not. In fact, who is this Godot? - nobody knows even that. But one has to wait for something, so one creates some idea and waits for it. God is that idea, heaven is that idea, nirvana is that idea. One has to wait because one has somehow to fill one’s being, otherwise one feels very empty. Waiting gives a sense of purpose and a direction. You can feel good: at least you are waiting. It has not happened yet, but it is going to happen some day. What is it that is going to happen?

We have not even raised the right question - what to say about the right answer, we have not even asked the right question! And remember, once the right question is asked the right answer is not very far away, it is just by the corner. In fact it is hidden in the right question itself. If you go on asking the right question, you will find the right answer through that very questioning.

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