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Chapter 10: The Eternal Religion

That’s what I am trying to do. Naturally I will offend the unintelligent crowds; I can only be understood by the very intelligent few.

Barfly: “What’s that drink you are mixing?”

Bartender: “I call it a rum overture.”

Barfly: “What’s in it?”

Bartender: “Sugar, a dash of clam juice, and rum.”

Barfly: “How is it?”

Bartender: “Stimulating. The sugar gives you energy and the clam juice gives you drive.”

Barfly: “And the rum?”

Bartender: “Ah, that! That gives you ideas about what to do with all that energy and drive.”

I am mixing a rum overture! You need some drive and you need some ideas what to do with that drive and energy.

I am not rejecting anyone, but I have to reject a these life-negative attitudes.

India has become a country of hypocrites for the simple reason: whenever you deny nature it is bound to happen. because the nature will assert, is bound to assert. You can repress it for a time being but not for ever, and whatsoever is repressed will take revenge with you. It will come back. with vengeance it will come back.

So on the one hand you will see the Hinduist morality the puritanism, and on the other hand you will see the Hindu obscenity.

The Kama Sutras of Vatsyayana was the first book on obscenity in the whole world. Only in this century Havelock Ellis, Sigmund Freud, Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, these people have started thinking about sexual postures, sex energy and what it is all about and what can be done about it. But Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutras are three thousand years old. Vatsyayana was a Hindu, and Hindus have respected him. They have called him maharishi, the great seer. On the one hand the so-called moralists and on the other hand The Kama Sutras of Vatsyayana and the Koka Shastra of Pundit Koka. Pundit Koka was a Kashmiri Hindu brahmin of the highest caste and his book is fifteen hundred years old, and one of the ugliest in the world. And he was an ordained Hindu.

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