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Chapter 8: Beyond Mother’s Knees

How could he be befooled so easily? - because he already knew that he knew how to define a neurotic man, a madman or a fool. He had definitions. The first man immediately knew that this man was not right. Without knowing what is right and what is wrong, without knowing what is good and what is bad, he had conclusions. A disciple should not have conclusions; otherwise conclusions will become the obstacles, and there will be no possibility to reach the master. By your conclusions you become surrounded and walled and imprisoned. If you have knowledge, you have conclusions. Drop all conclusions. Don’t be the first man.

The second man simply believed somebody without even knowing the name of the man. Without knowing his past, without knowing anything of what he was saying, he believed him. If you believe in this way you will never reach a buddha, because on the way towards a buddha you will meet thousands of people, and they will say a thousand things, and you will believe them, and you will return to your home.

Buddha is not standing just in front of you, you will have to pass thousands of people before you reach a buddha. They can distract you. Anybody can distract you, and you never think how impotent you are. Anybody can distract you. Somebody you meet on the road says, “Where are you going? Are you mad?” And suddenly you stop. Somebody has put an idea into you, and now you will follow this man. And you will never ask anybody who this man is. And you will think yourself very wise. You are simply gullible. And you have no strength of being. You can be led astray by anybody. Don’t be the second man.

The third man waited. But he wanted attention to be paid to him, and special attention. Because of that, he missed. Don’t be the third man also.

And right was the master. He said:

“I am here to give higher knowledge, not to teach what people pretend that they already know at their mother’s knees.”

Enough for today.