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Chapter 34: The Sound of Truth: “Aha!”

I never asked anybody any question after I arrived at my very being. Since then I only have answers; all questions have disappeared. I have not even asked for anybody’s support. Authentic experience needs no evidence, no support, no argument, no witnesses. It is borrowed knowledge - from the scriptures, from the priests - that you are carrying, thinking that you know. You want me to support it so that it becomes more certain.

But remember one thing: knowing is absolutely certain, there is no greater certainty than that. And not knowing - you may gather the whole world’s affidavit for it, but it will still remain not knowing. It will not help that the whole world supports it, you will know that you are ignorant.

There are questions which are so stupid that I don’t want to expose the stupidity of somebody who is present here. I respect you, I have immense love for you - and when I see a stupid question, I simply feel it is better not to talk about it, because I will have to hammer your stupidity.

Just a few days ago, one man asked, “Next time you ask the sannyasins to raise their hands for something to show their trust, their love, I am going to stand against you.”

Now, what the hell are you doing here? If this is your mind, that you want to stand against me - not even knowing about what, but you are certain that you will be against it, and you will stand against it - then certainly you are in a wrong place. You should not be here.

Should I answer such questions? Are they questions? They don’t show even intelligence. In the first place, what will be the situation in the future in which I will ask your support? He is not concerned about the subject on which the support will be asked; he is more interested in standing against me. So why don’t you stand, without me asking? Just stand up! Where is that idiot? You don’t need any subject, you simply want to stand against me. So just stand up, and remain standing the whole discourse, to your heart’s content.

But I wonder what you are doing here if you are so much against me. Don’t you know the county road? Just pack your luggage and be on the county road; it goes directly to hell. I don’t want such people to be here, part of the commune. I am trying to create a synchronicity, a great energy of love that surrounds the whole commune. But this type of person will be a hindrance. And he has no courage either!

So many questions of this kind - do you want me to answer them? They just go where they belong - down the drain.

There are questions which are esoteric. Esoteric means bullshit. Now, I am not interested in bulls, and I don’t answer that kind of question. I am a very realistic person; I don’t want to give you any illusions, hallucinations of spirituality. But there are people who cannot live without hallucinations. They need some illusions; reality is difficult for them.

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