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Chapter 12: Allow Existence to Reach You

Hence people avoid living masters, because living masters are nothing but death. People love dead masters because they cannot do anything to you. It is beautiful to worship Buddha, it is very, very convenient to worship Jesus, it is difficult to come close to me. It was difficult to come close to Buddha too when he was alive. Remember the paradox: when Buddha is alive he is death, hence the fear. When Buddha is dead then there is no problem - you can worship, you can hold the statue of Buddha close to your heart. Now the Buddha is just a toy, he is in your hands. He cannot destroy your ego; in fact, your ego will use him. Even Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, are used by the ego to become stronger.

Only a living master is fire enough, flame enough, to bum you totally, utterly, absolutely. Satsang, to be with the master, is the ultimate in love and the beginning of death.

Your insight is beautiful, a gift of your meditativeness, of your love for me, of your love for the commune. Go on moving in the same direction. Don’t go astray. Many fears will arise. Many times the mind will say, “Go back! It is too dangerous.” Don’t listen to the mind, listen to the heart. The heart knows what is right, the heart feels what is right.

It is a feeling; that’s why you don’t know: “I don’t know for what, towards what.” The movement is happening. You cannot know it, but you can feel; the feeling is there. And one day the feeling becomes knowing.

When feeling becomes knowing, one has become enlightened. Knowledge is not real knowing. When feeling becomes knowing one is enlightened. The moment feeling becomes knowing, there is no distinction between being and knowing, that is called wisdom. Then your heart starts pouring not only your joy, not only your songs, but your wisdom too. That’s how all the great scriptures were born.

Mohammed was an ignorant person, illiterate, but when it happened - this knowing, this feeling, this being, happened - when he managed to die in the love of God, this illiterate, ignorant person started pouring immensely beautiful verses. The Koran has tremendous beauty, simplicity and beauty both together. It is not complex. It has the beauty of the roses, the stars. It has the music of the birds, and the wind passing through the pine trees, and the sound of running water. And it came out of a man who never knew how to read, how to write, who had no knowledge but who had a heart. In fact, because he had no knowledge it was easy for him to feel, and it was easy for him to dive deep into feeling, so deep that he touched the very rock bottom of being.

And this is how Jesus speaks. His prose is not prose, it is poetry. There is no comparison. Jesus’ statements have such poetry in them, they are incomparable; so are Buddha’s. They are all unique in their own ways. They are peaks, different peaks reaching beyond the clouds. But one thing is exactly the same: they are rooted in the same experience. The experience is not of knowledge; the experience first is of feeling and then is of being.

Go on moving in the same direction, unafraid. That’s why I am here with you - to help you. That’s what sannyas is all about,. When dangers arise and when your mind may start thinking of escaping, I have to keep you, I have to hold you. I have to go on pushing you, I have to go on persuading you. And if you can listen, and if you can gather courage, and if you can go through this dark night of the soul, the dawn is not far away. In fact, when the night is the darkest, the dawn is the closest.

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