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Chapter 3: By a Fiery Intention

Religion essentially consists only of this desire. You have been told again and again by the theologians that religion consists in knowing who God is. That is not true. The real desire is to become God, not to know God. Theologians are not very courageous, they are cowardly. You cannot be satisfied unless you have become a God. By knowing God nothing will be fulfilled: by knowing God you may even be in more turmoil and discontent, because then you will know that you are not God.

Knowledge cannot satisfy, only being. The East says: Knowing God is not the search. The desire, the dream that haunts man and goes on haunting him down the ages, life after life, is to become God. Whenever somebody asks, “How to know God?” he is asking a wrong question, a cowardly question. The courageous person will ask, “How to become God?” because in fact that is the only way to know him too. By becoming, knowing happens. The real knowing is possible only by becoming.

The Zen masters say: If you want to know a bamboo, if you want to paint a bamboo, become a bamboo; that is the only way to know it. How can you know the bamboo from the outside? From the outside there will be only guesswork, speculation, inference, philosophy - but not knowledge. You can know the bamboo only when you have become the bamboo, when you know the bamboo from its inside, from its interiority - when you feel like a bamboo. When you know how it feels when the wind comes and makes the bamboo a dancing girl, how it feels when you become a dancing girl in the wind - only then do you know. You know only when you come to feel from the innermost core of the bamboo as the bamboo. When you feel how it feels in the morning when the sun rises and knocks on the bamboo, wakes the bamboo, how it feels when a bird comes and sings, how it feels when the sky is full of stars, how it feels to the bamboo - from the outside you can only guess, and that will be a human guess.

No, there is no way to know from the outside. And if you cannot know even a bamboo from the outside, what to say about God? God means the totality of existence. You have to dissolve into this totality. This can be done only by great intention, by a fiery intention. It needs risking. Only those who risk totally, find.

This intentionality that brings revolution has to be understood. Only then will you be able to follow Kabir. His sayings are cryptic. He does not expound, he does not explain, he simply declares. His sayings are that of a poet. He is not a systematic philosopher; he says one thing and then another. You will have to link those sayings with each other, you will have to make a garland; when the thread of understanding runs through the flowers, then only will you understand.

The first thing I would like to tell you today is: revolution becomes possible only through the chemistry of intention, a total intention to become the whole, to fall into the whole, to abandon oneself into the whole.

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