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Chapter 13: Real Love Is Real Wild!

Your God will have to perform a real circus act to fulfill your desire that he remain above you. You have given him such a task that even if you give him omnipotence he cannot manage it. It is simply not possible.

But the small child simply starts imitating; whatever the parents are doing, the child will start doing it. They go to the church - he goes to the church. They go to the synagogue - he goes to the synagogue. This is nurture against nature. And a man who can love God is a man who will never know what love is.

Just think: a man who can love God without even knowing who this guy is, where he is, whether he is or not, and if he is whether he is worth loving - is he at all interested in you and in your love? A man, without knowing any of these things, loves God, loves Jesus Christ, not knowing whether this man was ever an historical person or not. If Christians’ stories about Christ are true then Christ cannot be historical. This is a paradox.

If their stories about Jesus are true then Jesus cannot be true. Jesus can be true only on one condition: if the stories told by Christians about him are proved to be untrue. Now this is a difficult problem, because if all the stories told about him by the Christians are proved untrue, Christians will not be interested in such a Christ. They were interested only because of those stories that you have proved untrue.

Jesus has meant nothing to them except those stories: the virgin birth, his walking on water, his turning water into wine, his changing stones into bread; his curing of blind people, crippled people, paralyzed people; his raising of the dead to life. All these stories are the basis for a Christian to have faith.

I am saying, if all these stories are true then Jesus is a mythological figure. He cannot be an historical fact because real men don’t walk on water. There is no way to change water into wine, there is no way to change stones into bread.

In Jesus’ life itself you will find enough evidence that these things cannot be true, because there are days when he and his disciples were hungry and had to sleep with empty stomachs because the villagers they had passed were very against him. They would not give him shelter, they would not give him bread. But if this man was able to change stones into bread, what was the problem?

In fact he could have changed the whole status of humanity, and there would have been no need for Jews to crucify him, if he had provided the whole of humanity with food. And there are enough stones in the world - mountains! He could have changed the Himalayas into a big loaf, so Indians could go on eating for centuries and centuries. He could have changed oceans into wine so there would be no need to worry about it; even poor people could afford the best wine, the oldest wine, the finest wine.

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