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Chapter 31: Be Free from Knowledge

You say, “I have come not to teach but to awaken.” What do you mean by this?

Teaching is not the basic thing, because teaching can give you knowledge but not wisdom. Teaching can give you doctrines but not transformation. You may become more knowledgeable, but that makes no difference to the quality of your consciousness. You can be taught many things, but you will remain the same.

Information is gathered: you know more. Knowledge is accumulated, but the being within remains the same. The being cannot be changed through knowledge. It can be changed only through awareness, greater awareness, expanding consciousness.

So when I say “I have come not to teach but to awaken,” I mean I am not a teacher. I am not interested in giving you more knowledge, in making you more informed. That is futile. I am not interested in making your head more burdened - you are already too burdened.

I want to make you unburdened, so I am not going to give you more knowledge. Rather, on the contrary, I will destroy your knowledge. You must be freed of all the nonsense you know. You know too much about God, too much about religion, too much about the soul. You know too much - and it has not helped, it has not led you anywhere. Scriptures are heavy upon you. Doctrines have become a dead weight. Throw all that away! When I say “I have come to awaken,” I mean: throw all that away. Be unburdened, be free from knowledge, so that you can know.

When one is freed from knowledge, one can know.

Knowing is a quality of your being. Man can grow in two dimensions: the dimension of knowledge or the dimension of being. For example, if you were to meet Kabir or you were to meet Mohammed. They were not men of knowledge, men of letters. They were not even educated, they were totally uneducated. If you were to meet Kabir you would not be meeting a man who knows, you would be meeting a man who is. This is the difference between being and knowledge. He will affect you, he will change you by his being. If you were to ask him a question he might not be able to answer it. Or, even if he was able to, he might not be interested in answering it. His being, his very being, is his only teaching. Even if he talks, he talks in order to make you silent. Even if he teaches, he teaches in order to destroy all your knowledge.

Gurdjieff used to say, “Come to me only if you are ready to leave your knowledge, come to me only if you are ready to renounce what you know, because I can only work with a child - fresh, innocent.”

You have too much written on your being - unnecessary, unessential, contradictory, inconsistent. Too much is written there, and now that writing on your soul is destroying you. Throw it off. Be a clean slate again. That’s what I mean: I am here to awaken you.

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