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Chapter 3: Negation of Knowledge

He may not have even looked at it this way - that he missed in that moment because comparison came in. What does the Kabbala have to do with me? When you are with me, put away all your knowledge of the Kabbala, of yoga, of Tantra, of this and that. When you are with me, be with me. If you are totally with me.and I am not saying that you are agreeing with me, remember. I am not saying that you are agreeing with me: there is no question of agreement or disagreement.

When you see a roseflower, do you agree with it or disagree with it? When you see the sunrise, do you agree or do you disagree? When you see the moon in the night, you simply see it! Either you see it or you don’t see it, but there is no question of agreement or disagreement.

That way, be with me; that is the way of being with a master. Just be with me. I’m not trying to convince you about anything. I’m not trying to convert you to some theory, philosophy, dogma, to some church, no! I’m simply sharing what has happened to me, and in that very sharing, if you participate, it can happen to you too. It is infectious. Insight transforms.

When I am saying knowledge is a curse you can agree or disagree - and you have missed! You just listen to it, just see into it, go into the whole process of knowledge. You see how knowledge creates distance, how knowledge becomes a barrier, how knowledge stands in between, how knowledge goes on increasing and the distance goes on increasing, how innocence is lost through knowledge, how wonder is destroyed, crippled, murdered through knowledge, how life becomes a dull and boring affair through knowledge. Mystery is lost, and with the mystery God is lost.

Mystery disappears because you start having the idea that you know. When you know, how can there be mystery? Mystery is possible only when you don’t know.

And remember, man has not known a thing! All that we have gathered is just rubbish. The ultimate remains beyond grasp. What we have gathered are only facts, truth remains untouched by our efforts. And that is the experience not only of Buddha, Krishna, Krishnamurti and Ramana; that is the experience even of Edison, Newton, Albert Einstein. That is the experience of poets, painters, dancers. All the great intelligences of the world - they may be mystics, they may be poets, they may be scientists - are in absolute agreement about one thing: that the more we know, the more we understand that life is an absolute mystery. Our knowledge does not destroy its mystery. It is only stupid people who think that because they know a little bit, now there is no more mystery in life. It is only the mediocre mind that becomes too attached to knowledge; the intelligent mind remains above knowledge. He uses it, certainly uses it - it is useful, it is utilitarian - but knows perfectly well that all that is true is hidden, remains hidden. We can go on knowing and knowing, but God remains unexhausted.

Listen with insight, attention, totality. And in that very vision you will see something, and that seeing changes you. You don’t ask how.

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