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Chapter 21: Understanding

Understanding Right Where You Are

If you want to study this path, you must understand right where you are. As soon as you rely on the slightest knowledge, you miss the scene right where you’re standing. When you’ve completely comprehended the scene right where you are, then all kinds of knowledge - all without exception - are things right where you are.
Thus the Patriarch said, “At the very moment one speaks of knowledge, knowledge itself is mind. And this very mind itself is knowledge.”
Since knowledge is right now, if right now you don’t go another moment, but do away with your knowledge right where you are, then you’ll join hands and walk along together with the patriarchs. If you cannot yet be like this, don’t go wrong in your knowledge.

Ta Hui is learning every day the language of the mystics. A few holdovers are still there, but they are only because of old habit. He has come to the new experience, but he has not yet clarified his old language. He will manage to do it.because if you can manage to experience the truth, you cannot continue with the knowledge, the words and the language accumulated before you became enlightened. For a few days they linger on their own momentum, but whatever he is trying to say now is not of the intellect. Intellect never speaks that way.

The intellectual approach is purely verbal and empty. The experiential approach is non-verbal, but so full, so pregnant with immense meanings, significances and indications of your future growth.

The sutra this morning is,

Understanding Right Where You Are.

Mind is never where you are. It is always wandering, running in all directions. Even if you are sitting in a lotus posture with closed eyes, like Gautam Buddha, that does not mean you are meditating - you may be thinking of all kinds of rubbish and garbage. Your mind is not changed just because your body is still, just because you are sitting in a certain posture.

This has caused great misunderstanding for those who have been following the path. Your body posture does not change your mind, but if your mind changes, your body posture automatically changes. Seeing this again and again, the vast majority of seekers start from the wrong end. Because the body is visible, and the mind or no-mind is not visible, it was a logical understanding that sitting in a certain pose, you will attain to a certain state of mind. It is not so, but millions of followers of yoga are under the same mistaken impression.

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