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Chapter 3: Just Counting Other People’s Cows

The story Gurdjieff was telling was about your religious leaders. They have managed to tell you things which you are not. They have managed to convince you that you know things which you know not. And this is the greatest crime that can be committed. But you cannot call them criminals because they are not doing it to harm you. They are trying to serve you, they are trying to help you.

Just because all the religions have been doing the same thing, the whole world is under a certain hypnosis. And why have I created so many enemies? - for the simple reason that I am telling you that your knowledge is not knowledge, that it is a cover-up. You are utterly ignorant. You know nothing, and you believe that you know. It hurts!

I am taking away your knowledge, I am taking away your virtue, I am taking away your morality. I am taking away everything that you used to think is a great treasure, everything that was cherished by you, nourished by you, protected by you, because you thought that you have got the real secrets of life, that you know the real mysteries of life. And to take away these things from people is naturally going to create enemies.

It is a strange world. The enemies are popes, are archbishops, are shankaracharyas, are ayatollahs - they are the respected people of the world, and the friend looks like the greatest enemy. The enemies appear to be friends, and the friends appear to be enemies. Humanity has misbehaved with its friends and given all its respect to the enemies. That is the reason why the whole world is in misery: you have listened to the enemies and you have destroyed your friends.

And the same story continues.

I have talked to so many wise people, and found that all their wisdom is just memory. Not even a small bit is their own; all has come from others. And this is something fundamental to realize, that truth can only be your own experience. There is no other way to get it. Lies you can get in abundance. There are supermarkets all over the world, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Mohammedan, Buddhist - all kinds of lies, all colors, all shapes and sizes, whichever you prefer. They are available and suitable to you. You are not to fit with them, they fit with you. It is very easy. They are made for you, they are tailored for you.

Truth is a totally different matter. You will have to fit with it. Truth knows no compromise. You will have to change according to it. You will have to go through a transformation.

So I am creating enemies, not without any reason. The reason is clear. I am creating a few friends also, but those few friends have to go through a deep fire test. They have to drop their false personalities, their egos, their knowledge - everything they have. They have to be ready to be utterly naked and empty. Only then are they at the right point of the journey, the journey towards truth. Naked, empty, and alone..

But it is such a joy, and each moment is such a glory, such a paradise, that once you have tasted a single moment on the way towards truth you will never look back on all that you had to leave. It is a great unburdening, a freedom. Now you can open your wings unto the sky. Now the whole sky is yours.

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