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Chapter 5: The Fragrance of Nothingness

Whatsoever idea you bring is self-perpetuating, it goes on finding proofs for itself. And the man who has come with a prejudice will go with his prejudice strengthened. In fact, he has never come to me.

To come to me one needs to be unclouded, with no prejudice for or against, with no a priori judgment. You just come to see what is there, you don’t bring any opinion. You have heard many things but you don’t believe any. You simply come to see with your own eyes, you come to feel with your own heart. That is the quality of a religious man.

And if you want to know truth you will have to drop all kinds of knowledge that you have gathered down the ages, in many, many lives. Whenever somebody comes to truth with knowledge he cannot see it, he is blind. Knowledge blinds you. If you want to have clear eyes, drop knowledge. Perception has nothing to do with knowledge.

Truth and knowledge don’t go together. Knowledge cannot contain the immensity of life and existence. Knowledge is so tiny, so small, and existence is so vast, so enormous - how can it contain existence? It cannot. And if you force existence into your patterns of knowledge you will destroy the beauty of it and you will destroy the truth of it. Once existence is converted into knowledge it is no longer existence. It is as if a person is carrying a map of India and thinks that he is carrying India. No map can contain India.

The picture of the moon is not the moon. The word god is not God; the word love is not love either. No word can contain the mysteries of life. And knowledge is nothing but words and words and words. Knowledge is a great illusion. That’s why Buddha says: Allow nothingness to settle in you.

Nothingness means a state of not-knowing, a state where no cloud floats into your consciousness. When your consciousness is unclouded, then you are nothing. Nothing goes perfectly well with truth - only nothing goes perfectly well with truth. Knowledge cannot contain the mystery of being; knowledge is against the mysterious. “The mysterious” means that which is not known, that which cannot be known, that which is basically, intrinsically, essentially unknowable - not only unknown, but unknowable. How can the unknowable be reduced to knowledge? Knowledge goes on collecting pebbles on the shore and goes on missing the diamonds. Knowledge is mediocre, borrowed, never authentic, never original. To know truth you need an insight, original insight. You need eyes which can see through and through; you need transparent vision.

So only when the mind is entirely naked of knowledge, empty of knowledge, does it come to know. When there is no knowledge, there is knowledge, because when there is no knowledge there is knowing. When the mind is entirely naked of knowledge, nude, silent, non-functioning, when the mind is in waiting, with no idea for what, just a pure waiting, expectant but not knowing for what, waiting for the guest but with no idea, waiting for the knock of the guest with an open door but with no idea who this guest is.. How can you know it beforehand?

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