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Chapter 1: I Am a Beginning and an End

Just as there are people who believe that Jesus is alive, there are people who believe that Adolf Hitler is alive. I received a letter from the president of the Nazi Party that I should stop condemning and joking about Adolf Hitler, because “he is a religious figure and you cannot hurt our religious feelings.”

I was amazed for the first time - Adolf Hitler a religious figure? Not only that, the man who killed six million Jews.the president writes to me that Adolf Hitler was the reincarnation of the Old Testament - Jewish - prophet Elijah. Strange - why should Elijah kill six million Jews? But in this mad world everything goes. And he threatened me, that “If you don’t stop, then we will have to act against you.”

I said, “It will be perfectly good. If Adolf Hitler is alive, it is better to let him act against me; let him encounter me.” He was an idiot, but sometimes idiots have a few beautiful qualities. First they are stubborn, adamant. And human beings are very frail. These idiots go on repeating the same thing again and again with such force that ordinary human beings start feeling that perhaps he is right.

His methods were very strange. His party was very small, in the beginning only nineteen members, and all had been rejected from the army. Meeting in a third class restaurant they formed the National Socialist Party.

And their strategy was.because they were only nineteen people, and the Communist Party in Germany was the biggest party. There was every possibility the Communist Party would have dethroned the emperor and taken over Germany. But instead of the Communist Party, which had the majority of the country in its favor, a very idiotic man managed to take over the country. His strategy is worth studying.

Wherever there was a meeting held by the Communist Party, these nineteen people would spread out in the crowd and as the speaker started speaking they would start beating the people who had come to listen. Now there would be chaos, it seemed that everybody was beating everybody else.

They disturbed the Communist Party’s every meeting, and the Communist Party became afraid: “What to do? Who are these people? And nobody knows them. Who starts it? A few people certainly start it and then others start fighting with them and then others - before anybody else hits you, you start hitting.” Nineteen persons managed to get thousands of people fighting with each other. And before they could be caught, they had slipped out and people were fighting with each other.

They disturbed all the meetings. It became well known in Germany that nobody should go to such meetings because everybody came home fractured.

And then Adolf Hitler started his meetings. He had only nineteen persons, but they were all just standing around, and because they were the disturbers, nobody disturbed the meetings of Adolf Hitler. The whole of Germany became interested - “This is strange: a single man has managed so that nobody can disturb his meetings.”

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