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Chapter 40: Session 40

The latest designer would certainly look a little mad, even to you; because the latest design from Scandinavia is a bathroom with a bedroom included in it. The whole thing takes on a different meaning. It is basically a bathroom, and the bedroom is just in the corner, not even separated. The bathroom is more basic; it has a small swimming pool, and everything you need, and also a bed.but the bathroom is not attached to the bedroom, the bed is inside the bathroom.

Perhaps this may be the future shape of things, but if you tell it to the millions in India.! I was the only one in the whole village - my grandfather’s village where I lived for so long - who had a bathroom attached to his bedroom; and people made jokes about it. They used to ask me, “Do you really have a bathroom attached to your bedroom?” And they would say it in a whisper.

I would say, “There is no need to hide it - yes, so what?”

They said, “We cannot believe it, because nobody in these parts has ever heard of a bathroom attached to a bedroom. This must be your grandmother. That woman is dangerous. She must have brought this idea. She does not belong to us, of course, she came from some faraway place. We have heard stories about her birthplace which we would not tell to a child. We should not tell them to you.”

I said to them, “You need not worry. You can tell me, because she herself tells me.”

They would say, “Look, we told you so! She is a strange woman from Khajuraho. That place cannot produce right people.”

Perhaps something of my Nani has created in me what they called “wrong,” and I call “right.”

The Hindus are not, as they claim, the oldest religion in the world. The Jainas are, but they are a very small minority, and very cowardly. But they brought the idea of twenty-four. Why twenty-four? I have wondered. I discussed it with Masto, with my mother, and with my so-called mother-in-law, about whom I will talk sometime later. Nobody called her my mother-in-law in front of me, because both were dangerous. After my Nani, she was certainly the most daring woman I have known. Of course I cannot give her the first place.

It was a joke that she was called my mother-in-law, but if you look at the words, mother-in-law.she was almost a mother to me, if not by nature, then by law. It was not that I was married to her daughter, although her daughter was in love with me. Of that in some other circle, because that is a very vicious circle, and I don’t want to start it right now.

What is the time?

“Ten thirty, Osho.”

That’s great, just ten minutes for me. It has been beautiful.

[Osho begins to chuckle. He tried to explain what he was laughing at. But he was laughing too much.]