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Chapter 6: Existence Is Perfection

In fact, while making love, at the highest peak of orgasm a small death happens, because mind disappears, ego disappears, time disappears, as if the clock suddenly stops. You are transported into another world. You are not a body anymore, not a mind anymore, not an ego anymore. You are pure existence. That’s the beauty of orgasm. To know orgasm is to experience a little bit of death, a small death.

First go deeply into love so you can have a few tastes of death. Then death will come one day - then go dancingly into it, because you know it is going to be the greatest orgasm that you have ever known, that it is going to be the deepest of love. And that’s how one transcends - knowing that both are one. That very knowing is transcendence.

The last question:

I want to become a sannyasin, but gradually. Is it okay with you? Or is a sudden jump a necessity?

You remind me of a story:

During World War I, RAF Captain Bainsby shot down the German ace Baron von Ribstein over English territory. The next day Bainsby visited the baron in the hospital.

“Old chap,” said the Britisher, “is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yes,” replied Von Ribstein. “They are amputating my right arm. Would you drop it over Germany?” Captain Bainsby did as he was requested and a week later returned for a visit.

“My friend,” said the baron, “they are taking off my right leg. Would you drop it over the fatherland?”

Bainsby fulfilled the request and went back to see his air nemesis once again.

“Captain,” said Von Ribstein, “they are going to remove my left leg. Once more, can I get you to drop it behind the German lines?”

“Of course, old bean,” replied Bainsby. “But I say, you are not trying to escape, are you?”

Enough for today.