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Chapter 16: The Final Secret

So don’t get egoistic about it, because if you get egoistic the journey stops. You can fall back, because egoism is the last point at which sleep can again enter. Egoism is the point at which unconsciousness can again come to you. You can again fall back in the trap, you can again start dreaming.

It is a trust vested in you by the most high. This awareness is a trust vested in you by the most high, the innermost one. Betray it. You can betray it still, you can fall back again. You are still liquid, you have still not crystallized. The old state has gone, the new is still forming - it is in a liquid state. You can go back, you can fall back. The transformation has not happened in its totality. Only in part are you different. Part of you is still the old.

It is a trust. Betray it, misuse your knowledge. You can betray it. If you become egoistic - if you say, “This is my knowledge,” if you say, “I have come to know. I have realized. I have known God. I have become this and that,” - if you claim it, you have betrayed because the claim shows that the ego still persists, the ego is there behind it. You have fallen into the trap again. That’s why the Upanishads say the person who claims that he has known God has not known it. The one who has known will not claim he has known it. There is no need to claim. Any claim comes from the ego: to claim means egoism. If you claim it, you are betraying it.

.misuse your knowledge. You can misuse it. You can use it to exploit others, you can use it to dominate others, you can use it for ends which are not spiritual. But then you will fall back. Knowledge is dangerous because knowledge is power, and if you use it for ends which are not right, you will lose the grip, you will fall back. That which has been given to you, can be taken back. No one takes it back from you - you, yourself, lose it.

.or neglect it. You can neglect it. If you neglect it, it will stop growing. And remember, if something is not growing you are going backward. In existence nothing is static. You either grow or you fall back; either you move forward or you are moving backward. You cannot remain at rest.

Eddington has said somewhere that the word rest is the most fallacious word. Nothing like rest exists in the world. Either things are going forward or going backward. Either you are increasing in something or decreasing. There is nothing like rest; you cannot rest, whatsoever you are, no. If you are trying to rest you will fall back. Even if you want to rest at the point where you are, you have to grow more. Only through growing can you rest. Otherwise, you will fall back.

.neglect it.

You can neglect it.

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