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Chapter 4: Session 4

Now is always my time.

The world is left behind.

I’m in the clouds.

It is dangerous

but don’t be afraid,

I am awake.

Don’t be cowardly, that is the only hindrance for knowing the truth. One needs to dare to know; one needs to go into danger. You get afraid. You feel that I am going beyond the limits. But don’t be afraid, I am already beyond limits.

Danger is beautiful. I have known it in many ways. In almost fifty years I have lived five hundred years, because I have dared in many, many directions. Each danger was beautiful, an experience.

What is danger? Do you think you know? I do not mean the dictionary sense of the word. Danger is when you are close to death, very close, so close that just a step more and you are finished.but only then you are.

When death is so close

being comes to its absolute flowering.

I can talk of life and death because they are one, and one can only talk of life if one knows death. A woman is never afraid. When a woman becomes afraid she becomes a lady. I hate ladies; they stink! Especially English ladies, they are the ladiest of all ladies. But who cares at moments of beautitude.. Ashu, never be a lady.

I am close to death - that’s the only way to bring me to myself, because death is where life goes on. Danger is beautiful, it is very beautiful. It is right on the heights; one wrong step and you are finished. That’s why I love this chair: there are no steps. One can just relax. Death is so close you can touch it.it is tangible, touchable.like a beautiful woman you would like to touch. Only then you know what is, what is-ness is. That is-ness is called God. It would have been better not to call it God, because the word God has become dirty. Is-ness is better.

It is the same is-ness

in the flight of a bird

in the shine of a star

in the flame of a candle

in the flowering of a flower.

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