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Chapter 7: Going Beyond This Mind

The crow said, “Now I cannot die and I want to die. Everything is finished. I have known everything that life can give. I have known love and I have grown out of it. I have known success; I was a king of crows, and now I am fed up. I have known everything that can be known. Everybody I knew has died; they have gone back to rest and I cannot rest. I have tried all efforts to commit suicide, but everything fails. I cannot die because I have drunk from this condemned cave. It is better that nobody knows about it. Before you drink, meditate on my condition - and then you can drink.”

It is said for the first time Alexander thought about it, and came back without drinking from that cave and that stream.

Life will be simply unbearable if there is no death. Love will be unbearable if there is no opposite to it. If you cannot separate from your beloved it will be unbearable; the whole thing will become so monotonous, it will create boredom. Life exists with the opposites - that’s why it is so interesting. Coming together and getting away, again coming together and getting away; rising and falling. Just think of a wave in the ocean which has risen and cannot fall, just think of a sun that has risen and cannot set. Movement from one polarity to another is the secret of how life continues to be interesting.

When one comes to know the ritambhara, the basic law of all, the very foundation of all, everything falls in line and one understands. Then one has no complaint. One accepts: whatsoever is, is beautiful.

That’s why all those who have known say life is perfect; you cannot improve upon it.

In nirvichara samadhi, the consciousness is filled with truth.

Call it Tao: Tao gives the meaning of ritambhara more correctly; but still if you can remain with the word ritambhara it will be more beautiful. Let it remain there. Even the sound of it. Ritambhara has some quality of harmony. Truth is much too dry, a logical concept. If you can make something out of truth plus love, it will be nearer to ritambhara. It is the hidden harmony of Heraclitus, but this happens only when the object has completely disappeared. You are alone with your consciousness and there is nobody else. The mirror without reflection.

Enough for today.