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Chapter 5: Rebellion as Religion

You can try and you can find out. Two plus two are four. You say two plus two are four; you are saying a truth - then put your hand in the fire. Is your statement true or false? It will be decided. Fire will decide it - whether two plus two make four, or five, or six. And if you are burned then two plus two are not four; you are being untrue. Any small thing can make it clear that it is absolutely foolish. I can ask you, “What is the time?” You can look at your watch and say, “This is the time.” And I can put your hand over a candle to find out whether you are saying the truth or not. Do you think your hand will not be burned? And if it is burned, then whatever you were saying was not true. It can be true only if your hand is not burned. Now, fire has nothing to do with your character, your mathematics, your watch. Fire follows its own law, it has nothing to do with your morality.

Seeing the situation back in the capital of Ayodhya, Rama again threw Sita into the forest, because people were suspicious and that suspicion was dangerous to his power. This man was a politician, a third rate politician, and Hindus have been worshipping him as the great incarnation of God! But he is still a partial incarnation. Hindus have an even bigger surprise for you - that is Krishna. He is the perfect, total incarnation of God - purnavatara. And you cannot find a more cunning, more political character than Krishna. You were surprised that Mohammed had nine wives; now what will you do when you hear Krishna had sixteen thousand wives? And don’t think that this is just a story; it is not, it is factual.

In India, just before India became independent, the Nizam of Hyderabad had five hundred wives. If in the twentieth century a man can have five hundred wives, it is not inconceivable that just five thousand years before a man could have sixteen thousand; just thirty-two times more than the Nizam - not much. And these sixteen thousand wives were not married socially, legally, conventionally - no, most of them were stolen from other people. They were other people’s wives, forcibly taken away. And this man is worshipped as a purnavatara!

No, I don’t want to be in this company at all. I am perfectly happy just to be an ordinary human being like you. Don’t put me in difficulties. If I have to be a messiah, then I have to walk on water. Jesus must have known where the rocks are in the lake of Galilee; otherwise there is no other way of walking on water. Then I will have to manage miracles, because without miracles, who is going to accept me as a messiah?

I have a friend who is now in Bangladesh. Before the partition of India into India and Pakistan, he was in Calcutta. He was known as a man of miracles, but to me he was a friend, and he used to tell me how he managed his miracles. Just for example I will tell you one miracle that he managed, and became famous all over Bengal as the greatest living miracle man. What was the miracle? Very simple. On the station at Howrah, he gets into the express train going to Bombay. The ticket collector comes. He inquires of others, he also inquires of this man who is wearing the green robe of the Sufis; he is a Mohammedan. Respectfully the ticket collector asks him, “Baba, where are you going? Will you be kind enough to show me your ticket?”

He becomes angry. He says, “Nobody asks me for tickets. I have been traveling my whole life - you are the first man who has shown this disrespect toward me.”

But the ticket collector is adamant, and he says, “I will not allow you to travel without a ticket. I was asking you respectfully, and now there is no question of respect - you simply show me the ticket, otherwise get off the train.”

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